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Introducing The TravelMore Shop

Why I Love Blogging

If you can believe it, I started Frequent Flyer University 3 1/2 years ago on Jan 1, 2012. FFU was driven by a New Years resolution to find something to do that I actually enjoyed because at the time I was at a job I hated. Long story short, the blog sort of took off and I left my real job to do it full time.

While the money was good, the real joy of the blog was getting random reader emails saying things like, “You helped my wife and I have the honeymoon of our dreams. Without FFU, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Even just yesterday I got an email from a reader that made my day.

The Best Type of Email

The Best Type of Email

While I love to travel, I realized I get even more enjoyment out of helping other people travel so they can hopefully experience some of the amazing things that I have been lucky enough to see.

If you ask most people what they would do if they won the lottery or didn’t have to work, 99% of people would say that they would travel more…

So I decided I want to be in the business of inspiring people to travel more.

Enter TravelMore

While I wish I could physically force people to quit their jobs and go travel more, I realized that isn’t exactly feasible. However from my own experiences, once people have made the commitment to go travel, I can certainly help them from there.

For example, my friend who traveled with me to Asia asked me what travel gear he should get for our big trip.

I told him exactly what he needed to bring, what backpack to buy, what travel accessories were must haves, etc.

In spite of all that, he still made the mistake of buying the wrong country specific power adapter instead of simply buying a universal adapter that most of us probably use.

After that episode, I realized that instead of me just telling people what gear is best, much like me recommending credit cards, it would be much easier to have a one stop shop where everyone could just buy the exact products I recommend instead of trying to find it online by themselves.

So I decided to create an online shop called TravelMore that does exactly that.


Some Of The Things You Can Buy On TravelMore

While most of you probably have your “travel staples” that you take with you on every trip, the main difference between TravelMore and say Amazon is that every single product we sell, we have also personally used and tested on the road.

Additionally, we only sell the absolute best item instead of confusing people with 10 different potential product options.

You’d be surprised but we also have a lot of items that even seasoned road warriors either don’t know about or have overlooked like…

Packing Cubes ($25) which I will say are one of the best travel inventions because they instantly organize your bag and let you “unpack” without unpacking.


Or a 4 Outlet Travel Power Strip ($15) (thanks Gary Leff) which is absolutely amazing because at airports & hotels there are never enough available outlets.

61WJhFCRIAL._SL1500_large (1)

Or my favorite Refillable TSA 3oz Bottles ($20) that you can fill with alcohol and bring on the plane : )



We also have some random travel gifts like Airport T-Shirts


And a Carry On Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit which I’m pretty sure will be a top seller for obvious reasons…


The TravelMore Pre-Packed Bundle – $100

In addition to individual items, we have decided to make travelers lives easier and created a bundled package that basically has the 10 necessities for anyone starting out travelling.

If Oprah had a top ten travel products list, this would be it!



The bundle comes with the following 10 items, all of which I bring with me whenever I travel.

  1. Universal Travel Adapter – $15
  2. Set of Packing Cubes – $25
  3. Sleep Mask With Earplugs – $12
  4. Microfiber Travel Towel – $25
  5. Mini-First Aid Travel Kit – $10
  6. 2 TSA Approved Luggage Locks – $15
  7. Set of Reusable TSA 3oz Tubes – $20
  8. Collapsible Water Bottle – $15
  9. Travel Wallet – $15
  10. Daypack – $35

If you were to buy these items all separately on Amazon, it would cost you $189 but because we are bundling it, we are selling it for $100 flat.

365 Policy & Free Shipping (No Minimums)

One thing I hate about shopping online is return policies and paying for shipping.

So in building TravelMore, we opted to create a 365 policy & have free worldwide shipping both ways with no minimums.

You have 365 days for a full refund on any items you buy, even if they are used.

After 365 days, we offer a full 365 Year Warranty on all products we sell. So if something ever breaks in the future, just let us know and we will ship you a new one for free.

No questions asked. No strings attached.

10% Off Coupon

As a token of my appreciation for anyone reading this article, everyone can get 10% off their entire purchase.

Just use the code SKYPESOS in the checkout box.

Please Share Any Feedback

I encourage anyone who visits TravelMore to please share any feedback with me.

I have pretty great relationships with my suppliers, so if there are any products you don’t see on the site or would like to recommend any new products to add, please do share them and I’ll try to get them.

Thanks in advance!

Also feel free to follow TravelMore on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. We have a lot of cool swag to give away…


Introducing TravelMore – All Your Favorite Travel Blogs In 1 Place

Too Many Blogs

If you are anything like me, the first thing you do at work in the morning is visit your favorite bookmarked travel blogs or open Feedly and check the latest miles / points news.

I’ve literally been doing this daily since 2009 when I got into the miles / points game and now I re-check the blogs a couple times a day.

To me it is the equivalent of checking the New York Times or CNN because I want to make sure I know what is going on and never want to potentially miss a deal.

Keeping this obsession in check used to be pretty easy thanks to Google Reader but after that got shut down, I opted to just return to bookmarking instead of switching over to a new RSS reader like Feedly.

The reason for this was because it was getting really annoying seeing 30+ exact same “BREAKING: 50,000 POINT SIGN UP BONUS” posts from different bloggers talking about the same credit card offer or deal…

On top of that, last month when I went to the annual Boarding Area convention in Las Vegas and was amazed to hear that Boarding Area has grown from 35ish (I think) blogs last year to 74 now! There are so many new Boarding Area bloggers that they created a new sub-section called Prior2Boarding!

While I love BoardingArea and think it is awesome to see so many new faces and voices at Boarding Area, as a reader I feel like it is overwhelming to try and keep up with all the miles / points news.

When you take BoardingArea and throw in First2Board, Saverocity, Upgrd, FlyerTalk, MilePoint, the independent sites like The Points Guy, Million Mile Secrets, MileValue, and then all the smaller guys I don’t even know about, you are easily looking at 100+ blogs to follow daily!

Enter TravelMore

Last week, I started wondering if there was a way to use technology to solve this problem and built a small site for my own enjoyment called TravelMore (http://TravelMo.re).



TravelMore does 3 main things:

1. Aggregates All Your Favorite Blogs In One Place

All the posts from BoardingArea, Prior2Boarding, First2Board, Upgrd, TPG, MMS, MileValue, Doctor of Credit, etc are now in one central place.

If you are a blogger or reader and come across a great post that is not posted, you can manually post the link to share with the community.

2. Categorizes The Posts

My issue with Feedly is that sometimes the short headlines can be misleading.

In the below example, if I was just glancing, I would have no idea what this post is really about.

Miles? Manufactured Spend? Credit Cards?



With TravelMore, now all the posts get categorized with one of the following tags:

  • Airline
  • Hotel
  • Credit Card
  • Manufactured Spend
  • Trip Report
  • Mileage Run
  • Everything Else


So when you see a headline, you can now easily see what it is about!

Instantly Know The Context

Instantly Know The Context

3. Displays The Top 10 Posts 

The 3rd major feature of TravelMore is that it allows users to upvote the best posts so instead of each of us individually reading 300+ posts a day (of which 90% are similar), you can now just instantly see the Top 10 Posts of the day and it updates in real time.

So for example last night, Trip Sherpa at Upgrd.com posted that the Hyatt Diamond Challenge is going away.

As soon as it happened, someone posted it to TravelMore and readers pushed it to the top. So if you visited TravelMore this AM, you instantly saw that Hyatt had stopped offering Diamond Challenges.

"No More Hyatt Challenge"

“No More Hyatt Challenge”

Additional Features

Outside of the 3 main features, there are some additional features that people might find useful like being able to see all the newest submitted posts (basically a Feedly-like feed).

Also if you are too busy to check the blogs daily, you can subscribe to the daily email digest which will send you the Top 5 posts from the previous day.

Daily Newsletter

Daily Newsletter

I Could Use Your Help / Feedback

I literally built TravelMore overnight to ‘scratch my own itch’ as they say, so if you have any additional features that you think would be useful, please do share and I will work towards implementing them.

I am also manually posting most of the links right now from a RSS feed. I am working towards automation but it is a challenge because there is no way for a computer to auto-categorize a post without first understanding what it is about…

So in the meantime, if you are a reader and find a great post, I encourage you to post it and share it.

If you are a blogger, I also highly recommend self-posting your newest content because then you will automatically be notified of any comments users make.

For example, Points With A Crew posted on TravelMore last night and because he posted it under his account, he was instantly notified when someone commented on his post.

Example from Points With A Crew

Example from Points With A Crew


While I am happy that there are so many new blogs out there, as a reader I know it can be a bit overwhelming!

Hopefully TravelMore can help some of you more effectively read the the travel blogosphere.

I purposely designed TravelMore to be open ended and allow users to submit posts and upvote the best content. If you find TravelMore remotely useful, please remember to do your part to upvote the best content and be an active part of the community and not just a lurker : )

Keep calm & travel more!


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