What Happened To AwardWallet?

If there is one essential tool for frequent flyers, it is AwardWallet.

If you are new to frequent flying, you can sign up for AwardWallet here for free.

Basically AwardWallet allows you to connect all your frequent flyer accounts and check the balances all in one place. Sort of like a Mint.com for your miles & points.

I have been using AwardWallet since 2009 and it is hands down the easiest way to track my entire family’s miles and points accounts across all programs.

All in total, my family and I have 73 accounts being tracked by AwardWallet.

Recent Award Wallet Updates

I recently logged in and noticed AwardWallet made some “customer enhancements”.

Some of them are definitely good like the security code check if you log in from a computer that you don’t normally use.

a screenshot of a computer


However I don’t know if it is just me but I am not a fan of the new interface.

New Award Wallet

I get that AwardWallet is trying to showcase that the service is now more secure like a vault but the new interface is so difficult to read because all the individual accounts blur together

FYI if you don’t remember what the old interface looked like, it looked like this.

While it wasn’t cutting edge, there was at least some color contrast between accounts and it was easy to use so I had no complaints.



I am such a fan of AwardWallet that I did actually send them a detailed email telling them how I felt about the new interface and how it could be improved.

Anyway, I sincerely hope AwardWallet redesigns the interface or at a minimum, reverts back to the old look because overall the app is amazing and a lifesaver, it just is very difficult to read at this current moment.

I am curious if other people feel the same way about the “new” AwardWallet?



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  1. I monitor 40 accounts with the Android app and I’m pretty satisfied. You should try it.
    It alerts me everytime I have a change in any of the accounts, pretty usufull. The interface is simple and the usability great!

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