Free TripIt Pro With Barclays Arrival Card

Free TripIt Pro With Barclays Arrival Card

I was just paying my Barclays Arrival Plus bill and noticed that they offer a free upgrade to TripIt Pro ($50 value) to cardholders.

A full list of TripIt Pro features can be found here but certainly the Hertz #1 Club Gold status stands out.

"TripIt Pro"

“TripIt Pro”

If you aren’t familiar with TripIt, basically once you sign up for their free service, you can forward all your travel confirmation emails (flights, hotels, cars, etc) to TripIt and they will automatically  compile them into one centralized itinerary. Typically email confirmations from United, Expedia, Hyatt, etc all get lost in my email inbox, so whenever something comes in, I always automatically forward it to TripIt so I don’t lose it.

While the centralized itinerary feature is great, the reason I really love TripIt is that it also tracks how many miles, countries, and cities I have been to. My below TripIt stats date back to 2010.

"My 2014 so far"

“My 2014 so far”

Just for this feature alone, I’d suggest signing up for TripIt.


While I am not sure if I’d ever pay for TripIt Pro out of pocket, since I use the free version of TripIt fairly often, I certainly will take advantage of this free upgrade offer and see how much extra value TripIt Pro offers.


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Redeem Award Wallet Referral Points For Real Miles

Redeem Award Wallet Referral Points For Real Miles

Award Wallet is one of the most useful frequent flyer tools out there. I use it on an almost daily basis!

If you don’t have Award Wallet, I highly suggest getting it because it is free and allows you to track almost all of your hotel and airline frequent flyer miles in one central place.

Link To Sign Up

Although Award Wallet is great for tracking all your miles, I personally use it the most for looking up my login information for all the various frequent flyer programs I am enrolled in. Seriously, what is my US Airways number again…?

Anyway over the past few years, I have been telling people to sign up via my link which got me a couple free upgrades. I always give those upgrades away to readers and friends because I don’t need them all.

Well the other day, I noticed under the amount of upgrades I have to give away, there was another line called “referral bonus points”.

"Referral Points?"

“Referral Points?”

I had no idea what that was so I clicked on it and it turns out  you can redeem your referral bonus points for actual air miles!

I went ahead and redeemed my referral points for US Airways miles since they offered the best value.

"Early Christmas!"

“Early Christmas!”

Although 3,000 miles is not much, I will certainly take it and big thanks to Award Wallet for even providing this option because I’d certainly be telling everyone about Award Wallet without these bonus points.

A few days later, the miles were dropped into my account!


“Thanks Award Wallet!”

So if anyone out there has referred users to Award Wallet, check to see if you have any “free miles” you can redeem.

For those of you that have a referral link, feel free to post it in the comments of this post so others can use it to sign up.

Free Award Wallet Upgrade Codes

For those of you that don’t have any referral points, you are still in luck.

Award Wallet gives me free 6 month upgrade codes occasionally when people sign up.

I currently have 43 of them that I’d like to give away.

If you would like one, I have dumped them into a shared Google Doc which can be found here. If the sheet is empty than more than likely they have all been used.

First you need to create an Award Wallet account, which you can do here.

Then just go into the Google spreadsheet and copy the code.

Once you log into Award Wallet, on the left side you will see the below menu.

Click on “Upgrade Using a Coupon” and paste the code.

“Upgrade Using a Coupon”

"Paste Code Here"

“Paste Code Here”



After all these years, Award Wallet is still the easiest way to manage your points and miles.

I highly suggest signing up if you don’t already have it. It will make your life so much easier…


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