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$10 Off $50 Gift Card At Select Shopping Malls Via American Express

According to Dans Deals, AMEX is offering a $10 Statement Credit for purchasing a $50 gift card at certain shopping malls.

  • Macerich Shopping Centers
  • PREIT Malls
  • Premium Outlets
  • Simon Malls

More than likely, you have 1 or more participating malls near you.

A full list of participating malls has been provided by AMEX here.

I just checked and there a few “malls” on Michigan Avenue that are participating.

This is a fairly great deal because it is like getting a 20% discount on these gift cards.

To take advantage of this promotion, simply “sync” your AMEX to Twitter by clicking here.

After you have done that, just tweet @AmericanExpress with any of the following #HashTags. Feel free to do all 4.

  • Macerich Shopping Centers – #AmexMacerichMalls
  • PREIT Malls – #AmexPREITMalls
  • Premium Outlets – #AmexOutlets
  • Simon Malls – #AmexSimonMalls

If you have multiple AMEX Cards, you can sync all of them separately and can take advantage of this promotion with each AMEX Card.

Once AMEX has recieved your Tweet, AMEX will Tweet you back to confirm your enrollment.

Below is my Tweet to @AmericanExpress:

a screenshot of a social media post

Once AMEX confirms that you are registered, you can simply go to a participating mall, find their Customer Service desk and purchase a $50 gift card.

For those of your interested, American Express also has quite a few other Twitter promotions that can really save you money.

My favorite is the Best Buy one, where you get $20 back for spending $200.

Invalid request error occurred.

My suggestion would be to buy a $200 Best Buy gift card and then wait to use the gift card during Black Friday or Christmas time!

There are quite a few other AMEX Twitter promotions for Travelocity, TicketMaster, Shell etc.

If you are interested, you can check out the full list here.


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