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100 Free American Airline AAdvanatage Miles

American Airlines is having a summer promotion to promote their charity, Kids In Need.

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By going to American Airline’s Facebook page and liking their page, you can earn 100 free AA miles simply by entering your email address and AAdvantage number.

Link To AA’s Facebook Page

These types of promotions are great because they literally take 10 seconds to complete, you can help a good cause, and the 100 free AA miles count as qualifying activity to keep your additional AA miles from expiring!

Since AwardWallet no longer supports AA, just to be on the safe side I’d also suggest everyone head over to AA.com and check when your AA miles expire. Far to many times I have heard stories of people thinking their miles expire the next year, when in reality their miles expire in the current year.

Don’t be one of those people!

I just checked my AA account and I am good until August 2013, however I still am going to take part in this 100 AA miles promotion because free miles are free miles!


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