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4,000 United Miles For $8

United’s MileagePlus program constantly sends me emails for “great deals” and “special opportunities” to earn earn even more miles.

Surprisingly, 99% of the time these emails are in fact promoting terrible deals.

However today, I got one of my favorite United emails, the fabled Netflix email which I have talked about many times in the past.

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Basically for $8 (the cost of Netflix subscription for 1 month), you can get up to 4,000 United Miles!

You get 2,000 United Miles for signing up and then another 2,000 United Miles if you pay with your United Credit Card.


Link To Netflix 4,000 United Miles Offer

If you get the full 4,000 United Miles, the Cost Per Mile for this offer is $8 / 4000 miles = 1/10th of a cent per a mile.

After you sign up for Netflix, according to FlyerTalk, it takes about 1 week for the miles to post to your United account.

After the miles post, simply cancel if you want.

I have done this offer in the past for United and AA, and it is one of the cheapest and easiest way to earn a decent amount of miles.

Also Netflix in itself is pretty awesome, so that is an added bonus.

I get emails constantly from FFU Readers saying, “I need 3,000 United Miles for an Award, what is the quickest and easiest way to get more miles?”.

99% of the time, they are out of luck and end up having to purchase the miles from United for an outrageous amount of money because United know you are in a bind and need the miles!

As I always say, it is all about Long Term Planning. 

You may not need the 4,000 Miles today, but you may need them in 8 months, so don’t put this off!

For $8, you really cannot beat this offer. 

How Much Are 4,000 United Miles Worth?

If you ended up in a bind and absolutely needed an additional 4,000 United Miles to book an Award Ticket, United.com would charge you $150.50.

Or $35 per every 1,000 United Miles you purchase.

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I will let you do the math, but what sounds like a better deal?

$8 or $150.50?

Repeat Customers

As I stated above, I have taken advantage of this Netflix promotion before with both United and AA.

The reason I can sign up for the same promotion again and get the miles again is because when Continental / United merged, we all got “new” MileagePlus numbers.

So therefore almost everyone should be eligible for this offer!

Even if you don’t have a United MileagePlus Explorer Card, I’d still recommend signing up for this offer because 2,000 United Miles for $8 is still a steal. On United.com, 2,000 Miles would cost $75.25.

Just to be safe, I always use a new email address when signing up for these Netflix offers.

Outside of that, you shouldn’t have any issues!


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