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4,000 United Miles For Signing Up For Netflix…..Maybe

Last month I had talked about signing up for Netflix and getting 3,000 AA miles for $8.

Well I have actually been using my Netflix membership and if you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it.

I was reading Flyertalk this afternoon and came across this interesting thread.

Essentially it is another Netflix promotion in which you get 4,000 United miles.

What is interesting is that because of the United / Continental merger and the issuing of the new United Explorer card, if you have signed up for this promotion in the past, you are once again eligible it seems.

I actually did sign up for this promotion last year and got 4,000 United miles for $8.

When I went to test the link this afternoon by entering my MileagePlus, it went through. Typically if you are not eligible, it will tell you.

Since I already paid for a month of Netflix to get the AA miles, I don’t think I am going to jump on this offer right away.

However, I certainly will be trying it when my AA miles post!

The offer is 2,000 United miles for signing up and then an additional 2,000 miles if you pay with any Chase MileagePlus Credit Card.

Link To Offer

If you get the full 4,000 miles, the cost per a mile for this offer is $8 / 4000 miles = 1/10th of a cent per a mile.

According to the Flyertalk thread, the 4,000 miles post in less than a week!

If you already have a Netflix account or signed up for the AA promotion last month, not a problem. Just use a different email address and Credit Card, and you should be fine!


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  1. when trying to sign up for Netflix it keeps showing 1 month free trial without giving the option to pay immediately without the free month trial, as i understand if you get the 1 month free trial you are not eligible for the miles, can you please clarify?

  2. That is correct. Have you ever had Netflix before? Typically for people that have taken advantage of this offer in the past it will send you to the free trial page. Let me investigate and see if other are having this issue

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