A New Year, A New Blog!

As 2011 rolls to a close, it is time for us to all make our annual New Year’s Resolutions!

Instead of making one that I know I won’t keep (ie workout more), I’ve decided to start travel blogging again.

For those of you that don’t know me, a few years ago I ran the small travel blog called Ahlay Travel. At the time, it mostly consisted of quirky travel “hacking” tips that weren’t covered by any of the major blogs of the time.

Also if any of you were on the Star MegaDO3 or followed along online, I was the official Facebooker and Tweeter for that awesome excursion.

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So what is Frequent Flyer University?

Frequent Flyer University is a travel blog that helps average people looking to learn how to save money on travel.

While I thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through Lucky at OneMileAtATime and Gary at ViewFromTheWing. I know I personally don’t have enough miles to always fly Business or First Class (I wish I did!), so I figure there must be others of us out there that are in a similar boat.

Take my parents for example. Like 99% of American they like the “idea” of frequent flyer miles. I mean who doesn’t like free travel? Over the years, they earned miles on all the flights they took but like most people never really kept track of them. After I discovered the lucrative world of frequent flyer programs a few years ago, I took over their frequent flyer accounts and started maximizing their mileage earning potential.

In just the last 1 year, they went from 0 miles to over 120,000 from signing up for the 50k mile Continental Card, the 50k mile Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, and one trip to India that they were planning to take anyways. Now with those 120,000 miles that they each have, next time they go to India they can either fly free in Economy class for 80k miles or Business class for 120,000 miles. Economy would normally cost around $1,500 while Business costs upwards of $6,000. That is not a bad deal for little to no work and no real out of pocket expense!

So if I can help my hopeless parents learn the ropes, hopefully my blog can be of some assistance to you!

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!


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