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2,500 AA Miles Netflix Offer Ending November 14

Via View From The Wing, it looks like American Airlines is ending its relationship with Netflix on November 14, 2012.

If you haven’t done so already, I’d highly recommend getting in on this offer.

For $8, you get 2,500 AA Miles, which means it only costs .032 Cents Per Mile!

Link To Offer

I got in on this offer in April 2012, and got 3,000 AA miles for $8. Talked about it here. Once I had the miles, it pushed me past the 12,500 AA Miles mark, so thanks to Netflix I got a free AA One Way in the US.

Last month I did the United Netflix offer for 4,000 miles for $8, which is still available. United is really fast about posting the Netflix Miles. It only took a week. AA on the other hand takes about a month. However, you can cancel your Netflix subscription before the start of the 2nd month and still get your miles.

Since AwardWallet can’t track AA Miles anymore, I logged into my Dad’s account to see his balance and he is at 12,118 AA Miles or 482 AA Miles short of a Free One Way.

Normally in situations like this, people find out they are short 482 Miles when they go to book an Award Ticket. In that case, they have to buy the miles from AA.

In my Dad’s case, if he need those 482 Miles, because AA only sells Miles in increments of 1,000, he would have to pay $29.95. That is not terrible, but I still think $8 is better.

As for the 2,500 Miles you earn from this Netflix promotion, if you had to buy these miles, since AA only sells in increments of 1,000, you would have to buy 3,000 Miles for $88.50. That is quite steep considering you could get them for only $8 with this promotion.

Even if you don’t need the 2,500 Miles to put you over for an Award, these Netflix promotions are a great way to extendthe life of your Miles since this counts as Activity.

After you sign up, just set a reminder in your calendar 28 days later to cancel your Netflix account, if you would like. Although AA is really slow about posting the Netflix miles, last time I canceled it at around 28 days and the miles posted a few weeks later even though my Netflix account was closed already.

Unlike the United Netflix promotion, if you have taken part in this AA Netflix promotion before, you aren’t eligible. I always recommend for these type of Airline promotions, use a different Email and Credit Card for each Airline you participate with.

Delta also has a similar offer for 2,500 Miles if anyone is interested. You can do both at the same time if you want, just use different Emails and Credit Cards.

Hopefully everyone takes part in this AA Netflix promotion because it is a really cheap and easy way to earn some Miles.

Not to mention Netflix is pretty awesome. I still have a couple days left on my United Netflix sign up and I have been on a The Walking Dead marathon. A couple thousand miles and 1 month of Netflix is not bad for $8.


3,000 AA Miles Netflix Update & 5,000 Bonus Miles On United Flights

Bonus Miles On United Flight

As I was writing this post, United sent me an email offering 5,000 bonus miles per a round-trip flight by July 15, 2012 (up to 4 flights).

Although it seems this offer is targeted as seen by the fine print below, even if you didn’t receive this email, it is always worth a shot registering.

To try and register for this promotion, simply copy the below URL into your browser and replace theĀ XXXXXXXX with your new United/Continental frequent flyer number and hit enter.

I’m kind of bummed because my Washington D.C / Baltimore trip is July 27, so I’ll miss taking advantage of this promo by 2 weeks. : (

While typically these types of promotions have all sorts of strings attached like you have to buy the more expensive refundable fare, etc, it seems this targeted offer is pretty straight forward and quite a good deal if you already have some pre-planned summer travel.

For example if you flew from Chicago to New York on United, without any additional Elite Status bonus, you would earn around 1,500 miles round-trip.

However if you take advantage of this promo, on top of those 1,500 miles, you would earn 5,000 extra miles, so 6,500 miles!

Netflix Update & New Offers

If you have been reading any of the other blogs, you have undoubtedly seen the Daily Getaway offers and how people are taking advantage of these offers by convertingĀ  hotel points into airline points at under 1 cent per a mile.

Unfortunately there are only a limited amount of packages everyday and you have to be waiting at your computer at 1PM to try and snag a package.

I haven’t been successful in buying any packages but since everyone is talking about how cheap the cost per a mile is, I thought I’d bring back the Netflix promotion I had talked about a while ago and help people get some cheap miles!

Listening to my own advice, 2 months ago I signed up for Netflix through American Airlines and got 3,000 AA miles.

After paying $8 and going on a Breaking Bad binge, I canceled my Netflix account after 28 days of signing up.

My AA miles still hadn’t posted after the 1st month and I wasn’t sure if they would post since I had canceled my Netflix account.

However in checking the other day, it looks like the miles finally posted 2 months later!

Even though it took forever, it ended up being a pretty good deal.

$8 / 3,000 miles = 1/4 of a cent per a mile.

To buy 3,000 miles from American Airlines would cost = $88.50