BMI Miles Now Transferable To British Airways Avios

Word just came out today that BMI Miles can now officially be transferred into British Airways Avios Points.

For 99% of people that means nothing, however for the .0000000000001% that read Frequent Flyer University, this is an exciting day!

If you can remember way back to February 2012, I had a post that talked about earning up to 12,000 British Midland International Miles for free.

Although I knew most people would never fly on BMI or even redeem their BMI Miles, the purpose of earning those BMI Miles back in February was that:

Once the merger between BMI and British Airways is complete, your 1,000 BMI miles should become 1,000 British Airways Avios!

Well that time is finally upon us, so for those of you that took the 20 minutes back in February to create a BMI Household account, you can now transfer all those “hard earned” BMI Miles into Avios Points.

Boarding Area Blog, Ghetto IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) has put together an especially useful step by step tutorial (with photos) on how to transfer your BMI into British Airways Avios.

Link to Ghetto IFE’s Tutorial

I am especially ecstatic about being able to transfer BMI Miles into Avios Points because I only have 3,000 Avios Points left in the Bank!

Luckily 2 years ago, I signed Emily and I up for 2 free BMI accounts because they were offering 5,000 BMI Miles each as a sign up bonus. I originally got the BMI Miles because their award chart for intra-Europe flights was a great deal, however we never ended up needing those BMI Miles so they just sat there unused.

With this new ability to transfer from BMI to British Airways, I will be able to transfer Emily’s 5,000 Miles, my 5,000 Miles, and my Family member’s 12,000 miles all into a single British Airways household account.

Basically after everything is all said and done, I will have 22,000+ free British Airways Avios Points at my disposal, which is good enough for a free domestic flight!

Although it took a good 4 months from when I originally posted the offer, it just goes to show you that earning miles is definitely a long term game.

Those who are willing to put in the time and effort can reap significant rewards, as long as you are patient.

Now the next real question is where should I go with my 22,000 free Avios Points?


2,000 Free British Airway Avios (12,000 Avios If You Are Willing To Do Some Work!)

Update: FFU reader Amit found an active link to the survey that will get you another 1,000 miles!

Link to Survey

While I suspect most United States based readers of FFU are primarily members of Domestic based loyalty programs like United, American, Delta, for the sake of flexibility, it is always smart to be a member of a few international loyalty programs.

For example, in addition to the above programs, I am also a member of British Airways, Air Canada, BMI, Air France, Jet Airways, ANA, and Kingfisher. It isn’t because I ever fly these airlines; rather because in the past there have been lucrative promotions that compel me to sign up for these programs!

This was the case with BMI. A few years ago, there was a 5,000 mile sign up bonus for BMI. Although I had no plans to credit any miles to BMI,  those 5,000 miles + $50 would be enough for a domestic award flight if I ever needed to fly between any 2 cities in Europe.

Fast-forward to 2012 and BMI is getting bought by British Airways. Similar to the Continental / United merger, any miles in BMI should eventually be credited over to British Airways Avios program!

Those 5,000 BMI miles that have been sitting in my account for over 3 years now are suddenly actually useful!

If you don’t have a BMI account, you can make one here and get 1,000 BMI miles for signing up.

Once the merger between BMI and British Airways is complete, your 1,000 BMI miles should become 1,000 British Airways Avios! According to terms and conditions, the 1,000 Avois will post within 28 days of opening the account.

Once you have your BMI account, take this survey and get another 1,000 miles. The survey takes all of 1 minute to complete. Survey from miles should post within 40 days.

Link to Survey

Now here is where it gets interesting!

BMI and British Airways both allow for household accounts. If you are not familiar with household accounts, essentially it is a pool of all your family’s miles in one account (ie central bank account). For example: If 5 of your family members only have 5,000 miles each in their accounts, those miles are kind of useless. However with a household account, you can pool all those miles into one account, so now you have 25,000 miles all in one place. Extremely useful!

For this BMI promotion, if you had a “family” that all had different email addresses but the same mailing address, you could hypothetically sign up them up for a new BMI account and get 1,000 miles per an account, then take the survey and get another 1,000 miles.

When the merger between BMI & British Airways is complete, you should once again be able to link all the “family” accounts back together.

From my research, British Airways allows a maximum of 6 “family” members in a household account.

Also to avoid having any issues creating a household account, I suggest using a common last name and a common mailing address when creating “family” members for a household account.

I had problems in the past transferring miles between Starwood accounts when both accounts didn’t have a common last name.

1,000 BMI Miles + 1,000 Miles From The Survey X 6 New Accounts = 12,000 Free British Airway Avios