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Chase Sapphire Preferred 50k Point Sign-on Bonus – A Limited Time Offer?

Rick at Frugal Travel Guy posted today that he was informed to add the verbiage “Limited Time Offer” to his Chase Sapphire Preferred links. It is hard to know if Chase is just trying to encourage more people to sign up by including this phrase or if they really means business.

Due to Chase’s heavy marketing on TV and Print projecting the Sapphire Preferred card as a better alternative to American Express’s Membership Rewards program and the many AMEX cards that carry a hefty fee, I would be surprised if they pulled this 50,000 point offer. This is especially true since there is still a $3,000 spend required to get the 50,000 points.

However to be fair, they also have been pushing the new United MileagePlus Explorer card with a targeted 60,000 point sign up bonus, so you never know.

Bottom Line: If you are on the fence about getting the Sapphire Preferred card, from my personal experiences with this card, I can tell you that it has some really great benefits and it can be used as an all around everyday spend card. I just signed up girlfriend up for it the other day, and she was so impressed by the no wait / actual English-speaking call center representatives that she said she would actually consider paying the annual fee in the future. Luckily she has me to stop her from making such silly mistakes, but it does speak volumes about what a strong card it is.

I don’t get any referrals off of recommending any credit cards, however if you do want to sign up for the Sapphire Preferred card please use The Points Guy or Million Mile Secrets credit card links. Just from my last few days of re-entering the blogging world, I have re-realized what a labor of love blogging about free travel is. So if you have a particular blog that you read everyday that has helped you earn hundreds of thousands of free points, show them some love and click on their links!


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