Cheap $525 Flights To Istanbul On United & Delta

The Points Guy points out that there are some really cheap flights to Istanbul on United & Delta, with some flights as low as $525!

I’ve always wanted to go to Istanbul and this is extremely tempting…

My friend and I did one of these mistake fares on Delta to Madrid and Ibiza last year for $280 and it was awesome.

If you are thinking about doing this, these types of mistake fares don’t last long, so my suggestion is to go ahead and book it now. If you change your mind or can’t get vacation off, then you have 24 hours from when you booked it to cancel the reservation for free.

This strategy also applies if you are waiting on confirmation from your travel partner.

Just go ahead and book their ticket now too. When you tell them that you booked the tickets, just casually leave out the part about having 24 hours to cancel for free.

Just go ahead and book the tickets and then just go with, “Guess what? We are going to Istanbul in December. Flights are non-refundable and already booked! Hope you can get some vacation off!”

With such a convincing argument like that, how can someone say no to you?

Book first, ask questions later.


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