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Chicago Seminars Meet Up Friday – For Real This Time

Earlier in the week, I posted about how Milevalue & I were planning on hosting a Dinner for our Readers on Friday evening.

Well at that time I still didn’t have a ticket (have one now), and I hadn’t checked the schedule to see that the Chicago Seminars actually do start on Friday night!

So I pulled the post and huddled up with Milevalue and we have decided that instead of Dinner, we will just have a drinking session at the Hotel Bar after the end of the Seminars on Friday.

This way everyone can attend and you won’t even have to go out of your way to meet up.

I would like to say first round of drinks are on me, but with 500 people that might get a little out of control.

Anyways, Milevalue and I will be at the Hotel Pizza Restaurant / Bar at around 8:30PM after the last session of the night.

If you don’t know what I look like, that is me below.

a man smiling at the camera

If you see me during the Seminars, feel free to say hi!

I always love meeting Readers!

Also since I am from Chicago, if you have any questions about the City while you are here, restaurant recommendation, need a ride somewhere, etc, feel free to text me.

Hope to see everyone soon!


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