My 2011 Travel Year In Review

Well this is a couple of days late already but better late than never…

2011 was a pretty good travel year for me. Although I failed to re-qualify for any Elite Status, I did manage to fly 42k miles (most of it was on award tickets or compensated tickets). While this pales in comparison to most people on FlyerTalk & Milepoint, in terms of amount of trips and total miles, for me it was a pretty good year!

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2011 Trips:


After securing a nice mistake Delta fare, my friend and I went to Madrid & Ibiza for Spring Break in March for $270.


I had to go to a wedding in India, so I redeemed 120,000 Continental Miles (almost all from Credit Card and Chase Bank account sign ups), for my 1st Business Class redemption EVER! People knock on Continental but I was really impressed by their lie-flat BusinessFirst seat. Also it was nice to sleep during the 15hr direct flight from Newark.

Vancouver / Seattle

My girlfriend and I had been planning on going to NYC in August but the Hurricane Irene was suppose to make landfall the exact time we were in NYC. So the morning we were suppose to leave for NYC, we changed our itinerary on the spot and randomly picked Vancouver & Seattle. We redeemed some United miles that morning for 2 Economy tickets. Even though it was planned on the fly, we ended up absolutely loving Vancouver & Seattle!


1 day after returning from the Vancouver / Seattle trip, I took off to be the official social media liaison for the SMD3. Lufthansa provide me with a complimentary ticket so unfortunately I did not earn any miles for the European portion, but it was still an amazing experience. It was the most whirlwind trip I have ever been on but I met a lot of other fellow travel bloggers like ThePointsGuy, MillionMileSecrets, MommyPoints, and not to mention hundreds of other mileage runners.

NYC / Philadelphia

1 day after returning from the SMD3, I headed out to NYC and Philly to visit some family and had the pleasure of experiencing MegaBus from NYC to Philly. Needless to say there is a reason why it only costs $5 one way…


Unfortunately for my new job, I only have 2 weeks of vacation this year, so I doubt if I will be able to replicate the amount of travel I did in 2011 but who knows!

How was your 2011 travel? Do you have any travel goals for this year?


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