My First Ever FFU Phone Call

I had an exciting milestone for the blog today.

A FFU Reader actually called me with a question!

To be honest I was skeptical that anyone would actually call me, however I am glad that someone did as it seems to be a useful tool that Readers can use.

I am typically at my desk working all day, so even a simple phone call was a welcome break especially since I got to help a Reader out and talk about miles at the same time.

Hopefully now that someone has actually taken me up on the offer and the system seems to work, I hope that other people will use it.

So if you have a travel related question feel free to text or call me at (617) 971-8467.

The person that called today was smart and texted me before he called to see if I was free.

You can do that or you can just call. It doesn’t matter to me.

Also just a reminder that if you want to get FFU Breaking Texts Alerts anytime there are any MEGA DEALS or MISTAKE FARES, just email or text me with your phone number and I will add you.

About 50 people have submitted their phone numbers so far!


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