REMINDER: Free Hyatt Platinum Status Sign Up Ends Today

Free Hyatt Platinum Status

Just a friendly reminder that the free Hyatt Platinum status for Visa Signature Cardholders ends today (5/11/2012).

If you haven’t already signed up, I’d highly suggest doing so, as it is FREE!

Link To Sign Up For Free Hyatt Platinum Status For 90 Days

You can use any Visa Signature Cards including your Chase Sapphire Preferred, MileagePlus Explorer, British Airways Visa, etc.

If you want to maximize this deal, I suggest signing up for the free Hyatt Platinum Status and then getting the Hyatt Credit Card. By doing that, you would get 2 free nights worldwide at Hyatt and you get an additional sign-on bonus for being a Platinum member.

Full deatils on how to do that can be found in my previous post below.

Link To Previous Hyatt Post


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  1. i signed up for it although i have never stayed at hyatt or have hyatt card,

    my question today is, i,, my wife and sister did apporama last month and got several cards to deal with.
    have done SO MANY GCs, amazon payment other spendings.
    still have some spend reqs left. what is the cheapest to send money online using card and lowest fee? and how is that done? I have paypal account but i don't know the other services and how.

  2. i buy gas almost every single day and have been using the ink bold (becos of 2points per dollar ) for the last 2 months. but i have amex no annual fee simply cash card and BOA visa cash card which gives me 3% back on gas purchase.
    3% cash back or 2 points per dollar? which one would you choose?


  3. @Robert I'd say that you should keep using the Bold because you can redeem points for awards that are worth more than if you just got straight cash back.

  4. @Jon Amazon Payments is the only service that is 100% free. You can use American Express Serve up to $150 a month for free but the limit is annoying. PayPal charges a service fee of around 3%. The best bet would actually to do the Office Max visa gift card deal, where you get 5X on the purchases and then use Amazon Payments to move the money. If you are at your monthly Amazon transfer limit of $1,000, I'd create accounts for your kids or wife and use the giftcards thru their accounts. First, though try and buy a small value visa gift card to make sure you can use it with Amazon Payments.

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