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$25 Off Ikea Coupon + Tips On How To Save Money At IKEA

Although this is a Frequent Flyer Blog, sometimes I like to share random stuff that I have learned about saving money even if it doesn’t apply to traveling.

This is one of those times, so if you have no interest in learning how to save money at IKEA then feel free to stop reading now. I promise I won’t be offended!

Before I left for India, I started to move into my new apartment. I hate moving, but this time was extra annoying because as I talked about earlier, I literally own no furniture. Starting from my College years, every single apartment that I have ever lived in has come furnished. The only things I own are Clothes and Electronics.

This meant that for my new place, I would have to literally purchase everything for my room.

Back in October, I went ahead and purchased a Starwood Mattress and my Friend was nice enough to let me store it in his Living Room for 2 months.

For Bedroom Furniture, I opted for a small local artisan furniture manufacturer called IKEA. From what I am told, every single piece from there is unique and crafted by hand.

I have literally spent 2 entire days researching IKEA.com and countless hours navigating the maze that is IKEA stores. From that massive undertaking, I came across some easy ways to save some money at IKEA, so I thought I would share them.

Tips For Saving Money At IKEA

1. Get A Free $25 Coupon

IKEA is similar to Wal-Mart in that they don’t really have any coupons or “big sales”.  I was hoping they would have some big Black Friday Sale, but they didn’t even have that. In addition, they make all their products, so there isn’t even any Manufacturer Coupons.

The only coupon I have ever received from IKEA was when I had switched my Postal Address and USPS sent a packet with coupons to my House that included an IKEA Coupon for $25 off.

Well luckily, I found out that you don’t even have to change your Postal Address to get the Coupon, as you can get it directly from IKEA.com if you tell them you are “moving”.


Ikea Coupon
Ikea Coupon

The coupon is for $25 off if you spend $250. Obviously the smart thing to do is get a couple coupons and break your purchases into chunks of $250.

Even though $250 sounds like a lot, let me just tell you from first hand experience, that all those lamps, bed frames, and vases, add up really quickly!

$25 off $250 spent is basically a nice 10% rebate, which for IKEA is huge.

2. Sign Up For IKEA Family & Friends Program & Get Major Discounts

Surprisingly, IKEA does have a loyalty program. Not sure if Award Wallet tracks it ; )

From the description online, as a Member of their Friends & Family Program you don’t earn any Points or get any large discounts,but you do get free tea or coffee in their Restaurants and a Free Ice Cream Cone (which is the reason I signed up…)


Apparently, they also have 12 rotating products that go on “sale” every month.

a screenshot of a website

Unless you look online, you won’t know what they are, but I signed up for the Program and scanned my Card at check-out and I guess some of the products I bought qualified, so I saved an additional $50.

Some of the categories are pretty big ticket items like couches and entertainment systems.

15% off
15% off

3. Opt For Home Delivery

I don’t have a Car, and my Parent’s Car isn’t big enough to fit a Bed Frame, Desk, etc.

My Mom told me to rent a U-Haul, but that seemed like a huge hassle.

After years of pleading from Customers, IKEA does now offer home delivery but I assumed that it was going to be astronomical.

However to my surprise, at least for Chicago, it is a flat $99!

The $99 include $40 for the actual pulling of items from the IKEA Store’s shelves & then $60 for the actual delivery.

You can even order your items on-line and they will deliver them to you for the flat $99 fee.

To me $99 is a steal, because that means I don’t have to drive out to IKEA (which is about 45 minutes away), and I don’t have to load, unload, or haul the furniture up the stairs!

If I could pay those movers another $99 to assemble all the furniture, I would gladly do that too!

If you are already at IKEA and want to do home delivery, if you pull the items from their shelves and check out, then delivery is only $60. This way you can still use your $25 off coupon and Friends & Family discount!


Although those tips may not sound like much, if you break down your purchases into $250 increments, using the $25 off coupon & 5x Vanilla Reload Card, you are saving almost 15%. That is on top of any additional discount you may get via Friends & Family Discount.

On my first trip to IKEA, I spent around $350 on bedroom stuff, and after giving the $25 Coupon and my Friends & Family Card, I knocked the bill down to around $275 after tax.

Although people love to complain about IKEA for their quality and fact that you have to build everything yourself, you really get what you pay for. In my case, for a little over $1,200, I was able to get a Mattress ($600), Bed Frame ($200), 2 Drawers ($200), Lamps ($100), and a Desk ($100).

Although it may not be of the highest quality, it will easily last me until I buy my own place.

Over Cyber Monday, I had looked online at Crate & Barrel and even on-sale, the above items would have set me back over $4,000+.


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  1. I remodeled our condo almost exclusively through Ikea. Sadly, we finished about 8 months before I discovered the mileage earning / credit card hobby. 🙁

    IIRC, Ikea offers a 1% discount for using a debit card instead of a credit card. Too bad the OD/VR partnership is dead, or you could load the VR onto your Bluebird for 5x + 1%!

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