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United 4,000 Mile Netflix Promo Is Churnable

United Netflix Churn

I talked about on Monday how the American Airlines Netflix partnership is ending on November 14th, so if you haven’t done so already, you should take advantage of the current offer and get 2,500 AA Miles for $8.

That advice still holds true, so I encourage everyone to stop putting it off because you will forget!

While I was creeping on Flyertalk this morning, I noticed a few interesting comments in the United 4,000 Miles Netflix thread.

Basically what people are saying is that they have used their different Chase Visa Cards to get the United Netflix 4,000 Mile bonus multiple times.

Link To United Netflix 4,000 Mile Offer

While I was aware you could sign up using your old and new United Frequent Flyer numbers and get the bonus twice. What was I wasn’t aware of was using the same United Frequent Flyer number and different Credit Cards to get the bonus again.

From the comments in the thread, Netflix only uses the Credit Card number to verify the account is unique, not the frequent flyer number. Although make sure you use a different name and email address to be safe!

As you can see below:

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What is even more interesting is that not only does the United MileagePlus Explorer earn 4,000 Miles, but apparently using your Chase Freedom Visa, Priority Club Visa, or Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Cards also gets you 4,000 miles, instead of the normal 2,000 you are supposed to get.

What This Means

Basically depending on how many Chase Visa Credit Cards you have, you can get the Netflix United 4,000 Mile bonus multiple times.

I personally have a Chase Sapphire Visa, United MileagePlus Explorer Visa, and a Chase Freedom Visa. I have already used my United MileagePlus Explorer Visa to get the 4,000 Mile bonus so I can only use my Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire now.

That being said, it seems the Priority Club Visa also works, but not the British Airways or Fairmont Visa. Those only get 2,000 Miles, which still isn’t bad for $8.

Even if you don’t have any additional Chase Visa Cards, you probably can use any other regular Credit Cards (Visa or not), and get 2,000 Miles for each sign up.

For me, if I was to sign up again using my Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Visas, I could get 8,000 United Miles for $16! This is on top of the 4,000 Miles I got for $8 using my United MileagePlus Explorer.

12,000 United Miles for $24 is a steal considering that 12,500 United Miles is all you need for a Free Economy Saver One Way on United.

Although I wouldn’t recommend signing up for any of the Cards below solely for the purpose of taking advantage of this promotion, if you were thinking about signing up anyways, this little Netflix glitch for 4,000 Miles is basically a nice 10% bonus since most of the Sign Ups are only for 40,000 Miles or Points.

Chase Visa Cards That Work

From the thread we know the following Cards work for sure. I am sure this list will grow as people comment on their success in the Thread.

How To Play It Safe

I have already done this promotion twice. Once with my old United Card and old United frequent flyer number, and recently with my new United MileagePlus Explorer Card and new United frequent flyer number.

Also I have 75,000+ United Miles currently in my United Account which are obviously worth way more than a measly 8,000 more miles for $16.

So in an attempt to play it safe, if you are going to take advantage of this glitch, I’d recommend creating a new United account solely for the purpose of this promotion. As well as a few new email addresses.

United allows you to merge multiple accounts, so in my case when I use my Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire to sign up for the promotion again, I am going to credit the miles to a new United frequent flyer account I just made. This way in the event something goes wrong, United won’t close my real United account with 75,000+ Miles in it.

Once the 8,000 Miles have posted, I will simply use this online form here and ask United to merge the accounts together!

Although these types of glitches are great, you always have to quantify and mitigate the risk. It is not worth losing all of your “hard earned” Miles or Points for something as small as 8,000 additional miles.

As you have probably heard, many people who transferred their Ultimate Rewards Points from their account to someone else’s Ultimate Rewards account that they weren’t related or married to, have had their accounts closed down.

Similarly with the Chase INK Cards and Office Depot, I recommend moving all your Ultimate Rewards Points out of that account and into your Chase Freedom, Sapphire, or Sapphire Preferred accounts in the event your INK Card gets shut down for over using the Office Depot perk. This way you won’t lose all your Points.

At the end of the day, you can take part in these silly glitches, but you just have to be smart about it and make sure it doesn’t backfire in your face!


As I said above, I have 2 additional Chase Visa Cards so I am going to try this glitch with both Cards and see if they work. My Parents also have the British Airways Card, so I will give that a try too.

Even if for some reason my Cards don’t work and I don’t get any additional Miles, it is only $16 lost. Plus I’ll still get Netflix “free” for 2 more months!

United Netflix Miles post extremely quickly so once you try this, you should know in less than a week if you got the miles.


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  1. new to this game, but have saphire and priority – when i get the 4K points, i can cancel the netflix so i am not charged for the next month? Do we know what other cards it will work with? Spg? Chase INK, amex business?

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