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1,000 Delta Skymiles For $2.0173 USD

Delta has launched a SkyMiles Shopping site for Canada, Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean!

To celebrate the launch of their new site, Delta is offering a 500 bonus SkyMiles for the first 2 purchases – for a total of 1,000 miles.

There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on this deal, so two $1 CAD (Canadian Dollar)  iTunes purchases should count.

This promo is good until 5/31/12 but don’t put it off until then because you will forget!!!!

The best part is that even though this deal is targeted for non-US residents, when you sign-up for the SkyMiles Shopping Mall (because it is outsourced by Delta to a third party operator), you can just set your country to Canada.

When doing double purchases, just make sure you clear your cookies after your first purchase and I’d recommend spacing the purchases out between a few days in case you have to submit documentation to get your miles!

1,000 SkyMiles for $2 CAD or $2.0173 USD isn’t bad!

To set your Country to Canada, do the following.

  • Click the SkyMiles Shopping CA logo at the top of the page.
  • On the SkyMiles Shopping CA Home Page, click “Sign Up For SkyMiles Shopping”
  • Set Preferred Delivery Preference to Canada.


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  1. “Miles are awarded based on the price of qualifying goods or services purchased, excluding shipping, applicable taxes and any special handling fees. Miles are not earned on the purchase of plastic iTunes gift cards or on purchases made through the iTunes application rather than your browser window.”

    How can US citizens maximize this bonus through itunes when there is this restriction?

  2. That only means that you have to click thru Delta’s shopping mall to open the iTunes software on you computer. I’ve done similar promotions with iTunes thru AA Shopping Mall and it worked, no problem.

  3. When I click through to iTunes Store from the Delta store, the iTunes store price does not indicate that it is in CAD. It just shows the typical $1.29 for a song. Will the promotion still work or should it be showing as charging me for the song in CAD? Or is that price in CAD?

  4. It should be fine if it opened iTunes when you clicked the Delta link. However if you want to be safe, you can change your country setting in iTunes to Canada on the bottom of the main page. Just google how to do that if you can’t figure it out. It should price out in CAD then.

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