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$336 Mistake Fare To Israel = Follow FFU On Facebook & Twitter

It seems the Travel Gods (the ones that control mistake fares) have been extremely active this past month.

Yesterday Dan’s Deals posted a $336 fare from New York to Israel!

I was at work so I was not able to write a full post about it, but for those of you that follow FFU on Facebook & Twitter, I posted it there.

a screenshot of a social media post

It seems 1 lucky FFU reader who saw the offer on the FFU Facebook Page did in fact get in on the mistake fare and is going to Israel for only $407.

Not a bad deal for a flight that normally goes for over $1,000!

a screenshot of a social media post

Anyways if you are reading this and saying, “Shoot I totally would have gotten in on that”, then I’d suggest you follow FFU on Facebook and Twitter.


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