First Class To Hawaii For $328 Roundtrip

When I first saw this headline, I thought it was finally time to send out the 1st official FFU Breaking Deal Text Alert.

However this deal seems good until September 28, so I will wait for something a bit juicer to break the seal.

Jared from Online Travel Review uncovered this deal and has all the details.

Basically, due to some extremely favorable conversion rates, for only $328 you can buy enough Iceland Air frequent flyer miles to get you a First Class Award Ticket on Alaska Airlines.

The only caveat from what I have read is that your Award has to be redeemed on Alaska Airlines planes, so no AA code shares.

I am out of Chicago so I took a look, and because Alaska Airlines routes primarily focus on Alaska and the West Coast, there wasn’t really anywhere else for me to fly to besides Hawaii.

Also because Alaska Airlines only flies 3 routes from Chicago, to get to Hawaii I would have to connect through Seattle.

The full Alaska Route map can be found here.

Bottom line is that if you were planning on going to Hawaii, this is an excellent opportunity to score First Class tickets at a rock bottom price.


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