5,000 – 10,000 United Miles For $1,000 – $3,000 In Spend

REMINDER: Just a friendly reminder that on Tuesday, October 9th in the Morning, the Hyatt Visa Sign Up Requirements will now require an additional $1,000 Minimum Spend Requirement. If you haven’t signed up already, I highly recommend doing it either Sunday, as there is currently no Minimum Spend Requirement. More information can be found here.

Via Jared at Online Travel Review who I believe was the first to post this, points out that on United. there is a promotion that allows you to earn 5,000 Bonus Miles for spending $1,000 on your United MileagePlus Explorer Card by October 31, 2012.

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It isn’t clear if this promotion is targeted, but I registered and it confirmed me.

It does say in the T&C that you have to had a United Card (doesn’t say which one) before August 1, 2012, so if you just signed up for the a United Card, you technically aren’t eligible but worth a shot to register anyways.

Worst case is that you spend $1,000 and only get 1,000 United Miles instead of 5,000.

What is great about this promotion is that it is retro-active, so if you didn’t know about the promotion and spent $1,000 in the last month, then technically if you register, you should get the 5,000 Bonus Miles.

The T&C says the miles should post in 6-8 weeks.

As I was writing this post Gary from View From The Wing just posted that there is another United promotion that offers another 5,000 Miles for $3,000 in spend from August to October 31st, 2012.

Although it is not clear if the promotionsa re stackable, as Gary points out, it is best to apply for both and try and get an easy 10,000 Miles.

After I registered for both promotions and it confirmed me, I went into my drawer and dug out my United MileagePlus Explorer and simply went to Amazon Payments and transferred $1,000 to my friend.

For more information on how to use Amazon Payments, please see this post.

So at a minimum I will get 1,000 United miles, but hopefully 5,000 Miles!

Also as I pointed out last month, for $8 more, you can get 4,000 United Miles from Netflix.

I just signed up this week and have been on a Prison Break marathon for the last few days.

So with this United promotion, you can get potentially 10,000 Miles for $3,000 in spend, as well as the 3,000 Miles for the actual spend, and then for another $8 you can get 4,000 more Miles from Netflix.

$3,008 for potentially 17,000 United Miles is not a bad deal!

Worst case is that these promotions don’t post and you only get 7,000 Miles for $3,008 spend.

Still not terrible!


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