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Hyatt Card Sign Up Bonus More Than Likely Changing

Update: I am being told that on the Morning of 10/9, next Tuesday, Chase will being changing the Blogger links to reflect the current offer being shown on Chase.com and Hyatt.com

I was reading Million Mile Secrets this morning, and he had an interesting post about the Hyatt Card. 

Daraius pointed out there is a discrepancy between the Hyatt Credit Card Offer that is currently available on Hyatt.com (and Chase.com) and the Hyatt Credit Offer that is available to the Blogs to promote.

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In A Nut Shell

Sign Up For Hyatt Card On Hyatt.com = 2 Free Nights BUT $1,000 Minimum Spend Requirement in 3 Months

Sign Up For Hyatt Card On FFU (or any other Blogs) = 2 Free Nights After 1st Purchase (No Minimum Spend Requirement

Why This Is Important

Link To Sign Up For Hyatt Card With NO Minimum Spend Requirements

Normally I wouldn’t point this out, however I know for a fact that Chase does not like having 2 conflicting publicly available offers.

When there are 2 conflicting offers, people then complain if they sign up for the worse offer and find out that there was a better offer available all along.

We saw this with the Chase Sapphire Preferred, where there were 2 conflicting offers for 50,000 Points via the Blogs vs. 40,000 Points via Chase.com.

We also saw this with the United MileagePlus Explorer Card where there was a 55,000 Miles + $50 Statement Credit offer vs. 30,000 Miles on United.com and Chase.com.

Typically these types of misalignments for Credit Card Offers happen due to the fact that there are so many different companies involved (Hyatt, Chase, Blogs, etc), however over time the Credit Card Offers always realign themselves.

And almost every time, the Offer that remains is the least popular one.

In this case, more than likely Hyatt.com jumped the gun and fairly soon the Blogs will get an email saying to update the offers.

Proof Is In The Pudding

If you want further proof that this change is more than likely coming, just look to the other Hotel Cards that Chase issues.

The Marriott Premier Card last month was offering 50,000 Points after 1st purchase.

However I just got word that the offer is now 50,000 Points After $1,000 Minimum Spend in 3 months. Hmm…

Link To Marriott Premier Card If You Care To See For Yourself

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Additionally, the Fairmont Visa from Chase also offers 2 Free Night Certificates.

Guess how much the Minimum Spend is?

$1,000 in 3 months!

Sound familiar?

Link To Fairmont Card

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Should I Wait?

Seeing that all the other Hotel Cards issued by Chase have a $1,000 Minimum Spend Requirements AND the fact that the current Hyatt Card offer on Chase.com and Hyatt.com has changed to $1,000 Minimum Spend, it is safe to say that the writing is clearly on the wall.

If you have been on the fence about getting the Hyatt Card yet, I would highly suggest signing up for it now.

Link To Sign Up For Hyatt Card With NO Miminum Spend Requirements

Although $1,000 Minimum Spend isn’t terrible, it still is annoying.

I’d much rather get 2 Free Nights for using the Card a single time.

I will just point out that the Bloggers don’t normally get updated notices on Credit Card offers expect for when they are officially ending.

In the event that the Card terms change, we normally just get an email saying the Card has been updated, please update your links. 

There is no advance notice for those types of changes.

Therefore I have no idea when the Blogger Links for the Hyatt Card will be pulled, I just know they will be pulled shortly and without notice.

Old FFU Hyatt Posts

If you are new to FFU, I’ve talked about the perks of the Hyatt Card numerous times.

Basically, it is semi-unreal what you can redeem your 2 Free Night Certificates for because there is no monetary cap on them.

That makes this Card great if you are planning a Honeymoon, etc.

A full review of the Hyatt Card can be found here.

Additionally if you are crafty, you can easily swing 8 Free Nights At Hyatt using the Hyatt Card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred. More information here

Finally, in the Frequent Access Articles Archive (FAA Archive), there are a few articles by other Bloggers about Hyatt that are worth checking out!

As always, I recommend that both, you and your travel partner sign up for the Card, because that will be 4 Free Nights!

I personally am waiting for Hyatt to give all the people on the StarMegaDO4, Diamond Status (as they have done on all the other MegaDOs), so I can apply for the Hyatt Card and get 2 Free Nights in a Suite!

I am really hoping it comes through soon so I can apply for the Card before they change the terms!!!!


In terms of Hotels Cards, the Hyatt Visa is one of the absolute best Cards out there.

Simply for signing up, you get 2 Free Night Certificates that can be used at any Hyatt in the World!

On top of a whole host of other benefits, you also get 1 Free Night Certificate on your Cardmember Anniversary every year.

That Free Night Certificate can be used at any Hyatt Category 1-4, and is worth way more than the $75 annual fee for the Card.

When you factor in the annual benefits and sign up bonus for the Hyatt Card, it is almost like they are paying you to have the Card.

If you have any questions, let me know!


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