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Free Hyatt Platinum Status For 90 Days

Lucky from One Mile At A Time points out that if you have a Visa Signature Card, you can get a free 90 day trial of Hyatt Platinum status .

Typically Visa Signature Cards explicitly say on them that they are a Visa Signature branded card, however if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, this is also a Visa Signature card!

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Benefits Of Platinum Status at Hyatt

Typically to achieve Platinum status at Hyatt you need to stay 5 times or 15 nights, therefore it is technically their lowest level after Gold (which is what everyone starts at).

With Platinum status you get:

  • Achieve rewards faster with a 15% point bonus when choosing points for your stay
  • Enjoy a preferred room including rooms on higher floors or larger rooms, based on availability upon arrival
  • Receive the confirmed bed type at check-in
  • Stay connected with complimentary in-room Internet access
  • Expedite check-in at a dedicated area for elite members
  • Ensure a room is always available with our 72-hour guarantee
  • Extend your stay until 2:00 p.m. with a late check out request
  • Book reservations through an exclusive Platinum line

Even if you aren’t planning on staying at a Hyatt within the next 3 months, it is always advisable to sign up for these types of free status offers because:

  • Your plans could change and the registration for this offer might close before you can sign up.
  • Sometimes companies mess up and instead of a 90 day trial, they may accidentally give you a year trial. You never know!


I have no idea why all these free status offers seem to be appearing out of no where, but I am certainly not complaining!

In the span of the last 3 months, I have gotten free Platinum status at Accor, Gold at Hilton, and now Platinum at Hyatt.

Throw either free SPG or Marriott status in there and I will have a full house!


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