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Free Hilton HHonors Gold Status…..Again

Amazon sent me two credits that I don’t need so first come, first serve. Just leave a comment if you use it!

  • $2 Credit Towards Instant Video – AFKN-3774R8-5RABCP
  • $2 MP3 credit – GRD5-A3LVL7-8A7LQA

Update: According to Chitown Cheapskate, if you use HITUMBLR, everyone can get $2 in free Amazon MP3 credit!

Free Hilton HHonors Gold Status

Gary from View From The Wing points out for the 3rd time in many months, that the free Hilton HHonors Gold Status is STILL up and running. It is almost like Hilton wants you to have free status…

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While normally it would take 16 stays or 36 nights to achieve this status, you can get it for FREE!

Typically Gold status at hotels is pretty lame, however Hilton HHonors Gold looks pretty promising according to their website.

  • 25% Earning Bonus
  • Free Breakfast
  • Upgrades Depending On Availability
  • Free Internet

There does seem to be a strong correlation between how expensive the hotel and how much they nickel and dime you, so you might as well get this status since it is free. At a minimum you will get free breakfast and internet!

Also I’ve pointed this out many times before but these types of free hotel statuses are great for when you want to do a status match to a real hotel that you actually want status at.

If you are interested in learning about Status Matches, check out my old post here.

I’ve used this exact status match strategy a couple times in the past and it has worked every time.

First I used my free SPG Gold status in 2010 to get a status match to Marriott Platinum for a 2 week stay in Sydney, and then used my free Virgin Atlantic Silver to get a status match to United Premier for the flight to Sydney.

The 2 status matches got us free room upgrades, access to the hotel’s club lounge (aka free alcohol, food, & internet), free checked bags, as well as getting us both bumped to Economy Plus on both legs which was a lifesaver for the 15 hour flight!




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  1. Just wound up buying a song I already had since no one said they used the mp3 code, which has been used. Good effort I guess, but “I won’t be fooled again.” I thought your readers were all upright…

  2. I used the MP3 code, but I did so *after* Candace’s comment. It’s a bit tricky to figure out how to use the code. You can’t use the “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” option. You need to go to an MP3 product page, then click “Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance”. I actually ended up buying three songs in the process of figuring out how to use the code.

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