Free Hilton Gold Status STILL Working…

According to Jason of MilesQuest, the virtual move to Australia to get free Hilton Gold Status is STILL working even after all these months!

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, MilesQuest lays out how exactly to do it here.

I thought I had Hilton Gold Status from last year, but it looks like mine expired so I just followed MilesQuest’s directions and the new Gold Status posted instantly!

I had issues with Firefox, so I opened up Chrome and it worked without problem.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting this free Hilton Gold Status, because as I have talked about many times, you can use this free Gold Status to parlay it into Elite Status at a Hotel that you actually stay at.

In the past, I have used these type of free Elite Status promotions to status match to SPG, Club Carlson, Marriott, United, etc all for free.

A full list of what benefits Hilton Gold gets you can be found here.

Outside of my new Hilton Gold Status, from Credit Cards and Status Matching I currently have the following Hotel Elite Statuses:

Although most of the Elite Statuses above are fairly low, it is crazy to think that I now have 4 Hotel Elite Statuses all without ever actually completing the Stay Requirements that are normally needed!


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Free Hilton Gold Status & Why You Should Always Add Your Mileage Number

Free Hilton Gold Status

Gary from ViewFromTheWing points out that the free Hilton Gold Status is still available. As I have pointed out many times before, free Hilton Gold Status gets you free internet and continental breakfast, and it is great to use for getting a status match to other hotels!

Link To Gary’s Post

Earning Miles On Reward Flights

Back in January, I helped book my parents 2 tickets to New York using their British Airway Avios that they had earned from Chase’s 100,000 British Airways promotion two years ago.

Although a lot of people complained about the changes to British Airway frequent flyer program, I personally have found it beneficial for domestic travel on American Airlines. Since British Airways frequent flyer program is now distance based, a flight to New York which is typically 25,000 reward miles, is now only 15,000 Avios with British Airways.

So for 30,000 Avios I booked two tickets for my parents to New York City and thought nothing of it.

They took their trip to New York City a couple weeks ago and as I was updating AwardWallet this week, I saw that my mother’s British Airway account had activity.

Her British Airways Credit Card had been closed for over a year, so there shouldn’t have been any activity.

I logged into her British Airways account to see what this mystery activity was and to my surprise, American Airlines credited her account for the reward flight to New York City.

I’ve never seen anything like that before so I thought it was a fluke. I logged into my father’s British Airways account and they had credited his account too!

Not only did both their accounts get credited with miles for the flight, they also both got Elite Qualifying Points!

I did a little research and it looks like this is a glitch in their system!

ViewFromTheWing and MillionMileSecrets both have earned miles on Premium award tickets when they booked American Airlines flights with their British Airways Avios!

Talk about an added perk!

I now kind of feel dumb for not including my British Airways number when my entire family went to Hawaii last December using Avios on American Airlines. All 4 of us could have each earned 8,400 Avios for the flight. Using British Airways household account feature to pool all those Avios together would have netted a cool 34,000 Avios FOR TAKING AN AWARD FLIGHT!!!!!

Looks like my mistake is your gain!

So next time you book any award flight, especially one on British Airways, be sure to include your reward number!

To do this:

  • When booking your award flight on, just add in your BA frequent flyer number to your booking.
  • If you have already booked your flight, then just log onto BA and see if you can add your BA number to your itinerary (MillionMileSecrets has screenshots on how to do this). If this is not possible, then call BA and have them manually add your BA number. Remember to add everyone’s BA number to their ticket, and not just yours!!
  • As a fail safe, when you check in with American Airlines, make sure your BA number is included. If it isn’t, have them add it.

Has anyone else earned miles on award flights? Please share your experiences!




Free Hilton HHonors Gold Status Still Live

I am honestly surprised that Hilton hasn’t pulled this promo yet but Online Travel Review points out that the Hilton HHonors which I posted about here is still working!

Besides getting an Elite earning bonus, you also get FREE BREAKFAST & FREE INTERNET!

These are the two most important things in my book, as I can’t stand luxury hotels that nickel and dime you for internet access when Holiday Inn gives you free internet and a free Continental Breakfast!

This Gold status also applies to reward stays!

As I also pointed out earlier, you may be able to use this status to get a status match at other hotels.