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Free Hilton Gold Status STILL Working…

According to Jason of MilesQuest, the virtual move to Australia to get free Hilton Gold Status is STILL working even after all these months!

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, MilesQuest lays out how exactly to do it here.

I thought I had Hilton Gold Status from last year, but it looks like mine expired so I just followed MilesQuest’s directions and the new Gold Status posted instantly!

I had issues with Firefox, so I opened up Chrome and it worked without problem.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting this free Hilton Gold Status, because as I have talked about many times, you can use this free Gold Status to parlay it into Elite Status at a Hotel that you actually stay at.

In the past, I have used these type of free Elite Status promotions to status match to SPG, Club Carlson, Marriott, United, etc all for free.

A full list of what benefits Hilton Gold gets you can be found here.

Outside of my new Hilton Gold Status, from Credit Cards and Status Matching I currently have the following Hotel Elite Statuses:

Although most of the Elite Statuses above are fairly low, it is crazy to think that I now have 4 Hotel Elite Statuses all without ever actually completing the Stay Requirements that are normally needed!


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  1. Is this not cheating or telling a lie. I think we are crossing the boundary here.
    I won't go with this option. Getting a Citi Hilton card is a better option.

  2. Yeah…I created that Fatwallet thread that MilesQuest is referring to…So this has come back full circle! LOL.

    2 questions.

    -Why does your Hyatt Perk link back to Angelina?
    -Why is it linked to THAT page when that page doesn't even have a mention of the Hyatt card?

  3. @Guest – There isn't any cost to Hilton to give people Gold, but I see your point.

    @Jay – I send all my Chase links to Angelina since I don't have any. Someone might as well get paid for the sign ups if it isn't me. I thought she still had the Hyatt Card up.

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