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Hyatt 2 Free Nights + $50 Statement Credit

A Friend of mine is in the planning stages of his honeymoon, so he asked for my advice on how to get free Hotel Nights.

My favorite Hotel Card is the Hyatt Card which offers 2 Free Nights at any Hyatt Worldwide.

As I talked about last week, those 2 Free Nights have no monetary cap, so they can be used for $1,000+ a night Hyatt properties.

The Card does have a $75 Annual Fee which is NOT waived for the first year. Obviously when you look at the value proposition, giving Chase $75 for $2,000+ in free nights at Hyatt is still a phenomenal deal but people always seem to get stuck up on the Annual Fee.

Anyways, I was making a booking on Hyatt.com last month and noticed that after I selected a room and was about to pay, a special offer for the Hyatt Card came up and it included a $100 Statement Credit!

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My Diamond Status was set to expire, so I went ahead and signed up. Since I was Diamond at the time of signing up, I got 2 Free Nights in a Suite as well as a $100 Statement Credit!

When I went back this month to show my Friend, it seems Hyatt lowered the offer from a $100 Statement Credit to only $50.

$50 is a still pretty good given that the normal offer does not include a Statement Credit!


How To Get The $50 Statement Credit

If you were to go to Chase.com or Hyatt.com, and click on the Hyatt Card, you would only get the basic offer for 2 Free Nights with NO Statement Credit.

To get the $50 Statement Credit, you have to essentially make a dummy booking.

It takes about 2 extra minutes but is well worth the $50!

To get the $50 Statement Credit, do the following:

1. Go To Hyatt.com

2. Make A Dummy Booking

You can enter any City and Date for your dummy booking.

I just picked Chicago and a date later this week, but anything will work.

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A list of possible Hotels will come up, so just select any of them.

It doesn’t matter which one you select.

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After you pick a Hotel, the prices will show up.

Again, it doesn’t matter which one you select.

a screenshot of a hotel website

On the Confirmation Page, you will see the offer for the Hyatt Credit Card with 2 Free Nights AND a $50 Statement Credit!

You can sign up for this offer regardless if you complete the Hotel Booking!

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With this Hyatt $50 Statement Credit, instead of spending $75 on the Annual Fee, it is now like you are only paying $25!

As you saw above, these bonuses change on a whim.

Last month, I got a $100 Statement Credit and now it has dropped to $50. So if you don’t have the Hyatt Card, I’d highly suggest signing up for this Card because $50 could soon drop to $0.

When I signed up for this Card, I didn’t know where I was going to use my 2 Free Nights in a Suite, but now that I know my Brother is going to Singapore in the Fall, I will definitely be visiting and doing a South East Asia Tour.

I’ve always heard great things about Park Hyatt Tokyo. Out of curiousity, I looked up how much 2 nights in a Suite there cost, and it a whopping $2,705 USD!

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Needless to say, I can’t wait! Thanks Chase & Hyatt


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  1. Tried this out when you posted first posted about it and I did see the $50 statement credit like you showed. Tried it today and don't see anything. Is it possible they got rid of this so quickly?

  2. @LoveToFly – It seems Hyatt has updated their website. I don't see the offer anymore either. Sorry : (

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