Citi AA Card – 3x Miles On Everyday Purchases

This morning I got a nice surprise email from Citibank / AA offering 3x AA Miles on Everyday Purchases through 6/30/13 on my Citi AA Personal Card. (No offer was sent for the AA Business Card)

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Apparently the definition of Everyday Purchases is fairly broad and includes Groceries, Gas, Restaurants, Drugstores, and Commuter Expenses!

Unfortunately in the fine print, there is a cap on how many Bonus Miles you can earn, “AAdvantage® miles earned with this offer are subject to a maximum of 2,500 AAdvantage® bonus miles”.

I am assuming that 2,500 Bonus Miles means that you only get credit on the first $1,250 you spend (2x Bonus), but i could be wrong. 

Using that logic, if you were to go to CVS and buy $1,500 in Vanilla Reload Cards on your Citi AA Card, you should earn the following:

  • 1,500 AA Miles in Regular Spend
  • 2,500 AA Miles in Bonus Miles

So by paying $11.85 ($3.95 each) in Vanilla Reload Card fees, you should get 4,000 AA Miles!

Although the cap on the Bonus Miles makes the offer very limiting, for $11.85, I will gladly take 4,000 AA Miles!

If you were to buy 4,000 AA Miles from AA directly, it would cost you $118.00. I honestly can’t even make these prices up…

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So be sure to check your Email and Spam folder to see if you got this offer because it is a great deal!

You do have to Enroll in the offer to be eligible to earn the Bonus Miles!


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