AMEX Platinum Card – Annual Fee Waived

AMEX Platinum Card With Annual Fee Waived

I have written extensively about the American Express Platinum Card and how the Global Entry, TSA Pre Check, $200 in Airline Credit, SPG Gold Status, and Lounge Access make it well worth the $450 Annual Fee.

In spite of all those benefits (which are worth more than $450), a lot of Readers still get caught up on the Annual Fee since it isn’t waived for the first year like most other Cards.

I was reading Milevalue the other day and he found a link via Ameriprise that offers the American Express Platinum Card with the Annual Fee WAIVED for the first year!

The only catch is that there is NO SIGN ON BONUS.

You are still getting the same Platinum Card (that you would get if you paid the Annual Fee), just no Membership Rewards Points for signing up. All the other Platinum Card benefits are the same.

Link To Ameriprise Offer

I know a lot of Readers really only want the AMEX Platinum Card for the Lounge Access, Global Entry, and $200 Airline Credit, so the Ameriprise offer might be worth doing since it is saving you $450.

The offer is “technically” only for Ameriprise Clients, but if you read the comments on Milevalue, people who are not Clients have been approved without issue and the application is public and accessible by anyone.

Mercedes Benz Platinum Card With 50,000 Point Bonus

If you are interested in earning Membership Points and also don’t mind paying the Annual Fee, then there is a Mercedes Benz AMEX Platinum that gets you 50,000 Membership Rewards Points after $1,000 in Minimum Spend.

Link To Mercedes Benz AMEX Platinum Offer

Lounge Access For 4 Years

If you are still on the fence about getting the Platinum Card, DansDeals had an interesting tidbit. According to him, you can use your American Express Platinum Card to get Lounge Access until your Card officially expires in 4 years.

So even if you cancel your Card before the Annual Fee comes due, it should still work to get Lounge Access since the Lounge Attendants never actually run your Card.


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  1. I cancelled my American Express Business Platinum charge card last week. Today I received a letter from Priority Pass stating that "our records show that your American Express card is no longer active and consequently you are no longer eligible for a free Prestige Priority Pass membership." I

    I was surprised to have received the cancellation and even moreso surprised that American Express had informed Priority Pass of my having cancelled my plat card. The FCRA allows for information sharing between card issuers and their affiliates "for our affiliates' everyday business purposes." Additionally, the American Express terms and conditions for all cards, charge or credit, issues by Centurion Bank or FSB, provide for the cancellation or suspension of any feature on your Account, and that they can "notify merchants that your Account has been cancelled or suspended." It makes sense that Amex doesn't pay in full for the Select memberships we get with the card.

    The PP letter states that "Standard – This is currently the membership plan you could hold for free until your renewal date is reached. To continue with this membership you must provide us with details of your new credit card…" As Standard I'd be charged $27 for each visit to a PP lounge. It further offers a discounted first year rate if I pay for upgraded membership (Standard Plus or Prestige). I was wondering if this Standard would be like the Amex Select card or would include United lounges?

    I still have my personal plat so I'm not losing the select benefits, but was nonetheless (mildly) annoyed at the cancellation. I do not find the Standard membership/discount to be worth giving PP my card number as I have the habit of forgetting to cancel such things. My domestic travel is on the legacies so I'm not losing that access, and my international travel tends to be front of the cabin award redemptions.


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