AMEX Small Business Saturday Reminder

Just a friendly reminder, that American Express’s Small Business Saturday, is tomorrow (or today depending on when you are reading this)!

To get the $25 Statement Credit, you have to go out and make a $25 or more purchase on your AMEX Card on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2013!

If you haven’t registered your AMEX Cards, you might still be able to do so here.

As for myself, I have $100 in free Statement Credits from my 4 American Express Cards.

For those of you having trouble figuring out how which Small Businesses to visit, I’d suggest checking out AMEX’s Small Business map here.

This map is also useful to see which Businesses qualify for this promotion, as well as provide ideas for places to shop.

Personally, I suggest finding a Restaurant or local Business that you frequent and simply go and purchase a gift certificate. This way you will get your free $25, but you can use it at your own convenience. Additionally, because it is the holidays, most Small Businesses seem to offer an additional gift certificate if you purchase $100 or more.

For myself, I have a lot of holiday parties coming up in December. Instead of buying an individual bottle of wine as a gift for each party, I plan on hitting my local wine shop and stocking up on AMEX’s tab.

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Another great idea is to take your Significant Other out for elegant Dinner as a thank you for putting up with all your mileage earning shenanigans over the past year.

Hopefully they won’t be too offended when you ask the Waiter to split the bill into $25 increments and charge 4 separate AMEX Cards…


Although most American Express Cards do come with a fee, there certainly are residual benefits that come with having an AMEX. Many times these benefits can outweigh the Annual Fee.

Last year I had 0 American Express Cards, however this year I have 4 which means I am going to “Earn” $100 in Statement Credits!

These Statement Credits, combined with the numerous Social Media promotions that AMEX does on Foursquare and Twitter, will easily cover any of the Annual Fees that come with my Cards!


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