And Now A Note From Our Sponsors…

So if you haven’t noticed, a few specific posts that offered some really great ways to maximize certain credit card sign up offers have been taken down.

Even though these bump the bonus offers were being approved by the credit card issuer, I was asked to sideline certain posts because they undermined the current offers out there. I completely understand their position, and politely agreed to take down the posts from Frequent Flyer University.

That being said, there was record demand and interest in those posts so I am in the process of finding an independent third party that would be interested in taking responsibility of the information and hosting it. At least this way, the information will still be out there for Readers. I dunno maybe WikiLeaks is interested…

If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it on FFU, feel free to email me at and I can point you to some other sources that have the information you are looking for.

I hope to have a 3rd party by tomorrow and am currently working on that tonight, so sorry about the lack of a legitimate update.

Also I’d recommend “liking” FFU on Facebook if you want the most up to date information about various credit card promotions.



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