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Gotta Love AwardWallet

I’ve talked about the numerous benefits of AwardWallet for months now, yet I know there are people still sitting on the sidelines thinking they can do it manually with their “excel file”.

Although I use AwardWallet religiously, today I got a nice reminder why it is so great!

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I manage about 60 different frequent flyer accounts for myself and my family.

Although I check AwardWallet fairly frequently, some times things fall through the cracks, and thankfully AwardWallet emails you with reminders!

It looks like my Mom’s Hyatt points are set to expire in July.

Had it not been for this email, I probably would have not even noticed.

Thankfully she had a stay at Hyatt in November 2011 that she forgot to creidt, so I’ll just submit that stay and reset the clock. Likewise, she could also transfer 1,000 Hyatt points via Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program to reset the clock.

Anyways, hopefully this example spurs those of you that haven’t yet signed up for AwardWallet to finally jump on the train and simplify your life.

Link To Sign Up For AwardWallet

It is a 100% free service and you can also manage your entire family’s frequent flyer programs under 1 log in.


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  1. Totally love AwardWallet! Just a shame about Southwest and AA refusing to allow their programs to be included 🙁

    It ranks up there with FlyerTalk and TripIt as being one of my favorite travel-related sites (except for this blog, of course :p)

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