Awesome Airport Towncar Deal! ONLY $4! Can Be Used Internationally! + $30 In Free Groundlink Credit

Update 1/13/2012 8:54PM: Deal is now sold out: ( Congrats to all who got in.

My summary:

– 2 LGA transfers. Normally $38 each way. Price: $4 each, so $8 total.

– 2 Mobile vouchers worth $75 each in Groundlink credit. Price: $10 each, so $20 total.

– $60 ($30 each) in Groundlink credit for downloading their mobile app on both my girlfriend’s and my iPhone and entering code REBF30. NOTE: Code still works! Price: FREE. Thanks MommyPoints!

-$100 in Jettsetter credit for referring my girlfriend, Dad, Mom, and Brother. Credit which I am now using to book a free night at The Nolitan Hotel in NYC which retails for $232 a night. Price: FREE

Total value of all things mentioned above: $518

Price paid: $28

Not to shabby!

Update 1/13/2012: Deal still available & MommyPoints pointed out on Milepoint that if you download the Groundlink iPhone / Android app and use REBF30 when you create a Groundlink account, you get another $30 in free credit. So if you buy the mobile voucher for $10 below, you’ll get $75 in Groundlink credit plus an additional $30 from Groundlink when you create your account!


Lucky from OneMileAtATime posted an amazing deal!

The gist of it is that you can get a Towncar to drive you to and from the airport for $4-$14 each way. This price includes taxes + gratuity!

This normally costs $67+ each way if you got this service without the voucher!

For example, I am going to NYC in 2 weeks. For $4 each way, I got us a town car to drive us to and from LGA to downtown NYC. If that is not awesome, I don’t know what it. In fact at that price it is actually cheaper than taking the train in from the airport!

For signing up, you get $25 in credit. So subtract that from the prices below. The $25 will show up when you checkout.

LGA Transfer Voucher for $29
Mobile Voucher (good for $75 worth of credit on GroundLink.com) for $35
JFK/EWR Transfer Voucher for $39
ORD/MDW Transfer Voucher for $39
SFO Transfer Voucher for $39
LAS Transfer Voucher for $39

If you airport or town isn’t on here, I suggest getting the “Mobile” voucher (if you have a smartphone). Its get you $75 in Groundlink credit to use for anywhere they serve (even internationally). So simply visit Groundlink.com and type in your location and airport to see how much it will cost you, and then subtract $75!


I just plugged in LHR to Marriott Kensington in London and it comes to $96 one-way. Subtract $75 for your voucher and that is only $26 out of pocket + $10 for the voucher. Not bad!

To get the $25 credit please use my link (I also get $25).

If you are planning on buying multiples of this awesome deal, simply make an account above and after you are logged in simply invite all your other emails addresses to join. For each additional new account you create, you will get $25 to start with plus an additional $25 to the original account that did the referral. So after your 1st purchase, for spending $4 you will get $50 in Jetsetter credit ($25 for email address 1 and $25 for email address 2). I did it with 4 accounts, however I referred them all with my main email address so I could collect all the referrals in one place.

So for spending $16, I got $100 in Jetsetter credit and 4 towncar trips!

I’ll let you do the math on how valuable this deal is, even if you throw away the $4 transportation voucher!

I do suggest that you use a different credit card with each account.

Sharing these types of deals is what I love about blogging!

Also, as of writing this, only 4 people have entered my Chase 25k Ultimate Rewards Points giveaway. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment about a tip for visiting NYC!




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  1. Not quite as good a deal as it seems, Groundlink require extra payments when you book the car. The transfer is really only a $75 credit against the fare, and so ends up costing almost as much as a cab from JFK.

  2. […] all my GroundLink vouchers from the prior week for already having an account with Gilt, I used the $30 sign up bonus code MommyPoints had provided. So prior to arriving in NYC, I had requested a pick up. The driver was […]

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