• Vinay says:

    I am surprised how late it was discovered. My us air MasterCard was one of the 10 million cards that was compromised. Luckily, I wasn’t using it for a long time, so when someone tried to use it Barclays flagged the transaction and called up to confirm. I was lucky to be spared, but I learnt a valuable lesson of securing my credit info. Also thanks to blogger like you, who keep us enlightened of importance of our credit.

  • sudeep says:

    The United Mileageplus explorer card bonus is currently 50,000 miles after first purchase–that is if you login to your mileageplus account.

  • Parag says:

    Wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for sharing. I’ll update the post.

  • Parag says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing that info and putting a “face” on the security breach. It’s a good thing Barclay’s flagged it for you.

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