Deal Alert: 2 AMC Movie Tickets For $12 Plus Earn Some Miles Via Ultimate Rewards!

While I rarely ever post Groupon deals (don’t worry!), occasionally there are really good offers for, Fandango, or other National deals that I figure other people can use.

I love going to the movies, however in Chicago is almost $12-$15 per a person to go, so we don’t go that often. Therefore, whenever ever these movie deals come up, I always jump on them. The best part about this one is that you can earn miles shopping at Groupon, while saving money with Groupon! Talk about a win-win!

This particular deal is for either:

2 AMC Tickets for $12

4 AMC Tickets for $24

There are some restrictions like you can’t use them the week a new movie come out, however the tickets NEVER EXPIRE which is nice.

I personally just bought both offers for a total of 6 tickets, since the tickets never expire.

If you have a Chase Sapphire or Discover card, you can earn either 12 UR points per $1 spent or 15% cash back with Discover. Just go to their respective malls, and click-through them.

Full Disclaimer: If you use my link and are a new Groupon user, they will give me $10 : )



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