Mileage Deals: 3,000 Free Avios Miles & 36 Avios Per $1 Spent At Nordstrom

The Points Guy has been on a roll recently pointing out 2 awesome deals to earn some Avios miles!

Offer 1:

Earn 36 Avios miles per $1 spent at Nordstrom. TPG has more details on his page but essentially for every $125 you spend at Nordstrom, you get 4,500 Avios miles. As TPG also points out, Nordstrom offers free shipping on all purchases and has an airtight return policy that allows for free returns!

Bottom Line:

While Nordstrom can be pricey, if you need to top off your British Airway account or were planning on purchasing some clothes anyways, then this is a great deal. As described below, to purchase 3,000 Avios miles from British Airways would cost $108. With this promotion, for $125, you can get 4,500 Avios miles plus $125 worth of clothes. Not bad.

Offer 2:

Get 3,000 free Avios miles when you sign up for a trial of RealtyTrac. As long as you cancel within 7 days, the miles are free.

Bottom Line:

While it is annoying to have to remember to cancel these types of deal,s as long as you don’t forget, these types of promotions can be extremely worthwhile. While 3,000 miles certainly isn’t a boat load, they can be extremely helpful when it comes time to book an Award and you are short a couple thousand miles. Buying these 3,000 miles direct from British Airways would cost you $108! YIKES! Remember every mile counts!

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  1. […] can earn bonus miles / points for online purchases, unless someone publicizes a good deal like the 36 mile per $1 spent at Nordstrom, most people are too lazy to check which Online Shopping Malls offer the best bonus mile […]

  2. I don’t find any mention of Avios on Realtytrac….do you have a link where one signs up to get the 3000 Avios? Thanks.

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