RSS Issue Fixed

I was looking over the traffic stats today and saw there was a huge drop in traffic after I switched over to the new layout.

At first I thought that it was because people didn’t like the new design but then quickly I realized that a lot of people read FFU via RSS subscription.

If you aren’t familiar with RSS, it is just a way to get the content from FFU without physically visiting

If you are interested in trying it out, click on the RSS feed on the left or click here and then click on the Google logo.

I personally use Google Reader to read all my RSS feeds and I highly recommend it.

Anyways in the process of switching over to the new site, like an idiot I accidentally changed the RSS address.

So if you are reading this via RSS, you probably have been wondering why I stopped posting for the last week!

Luckily, the issue is now fixed so you will once again continue to get FFU delivered right to your RSS feed.

In the mean time here are the posts from last week that you probably missed since the RSS feed wasn’t updating:

Anyways sorry about that and hope you enjoy the new site!


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