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REMINDER: Radisson 50,000 Point Big Night Giveaway Starts Tonight

I talked about this awesome promotion last week but just a friendly reminder that the Radisson and Country Inn & Suites sign up of the Club Carlson 50,000 point Big Night Giveaway begins at 12:01am, May 15, 2012. The Park Inn promotion looks like it starts next week.

Now before you go out and buy a 4 pack of Red Bull, the limit on this promotion I believe is 50,000 participants. Since you do have to spend money to take advantage of this promotion, I’m sure you will still be able to register tomorrow morning or even next week to be honest.

While I sat on the sideline for this promotion last year, with all my up coming travel plans, Emily and I will definitely be taking advantage of this promotion.

If you are new to FFU and are confused about what I am talking about or want a more in-depth review of this promotion and how to take advantage of it, please see last weeks post which can be found here.

I was originally going to go to O’Hare airport and try and find a cheap Club Carlson property to use for this promotion, however the Travel Gods (the ones who controls mistake fares and awesome promotions like this) had a better plan and instead decided that we would go down to Emily’s Parents house in Bloomington, IL this weekend for her Brother’s College graduation party.

The first thing I asked after she told me of our new plans was, “Is there a Radisson in Bloomington?”.

I was hoping that there was also a Starwood (so I get take advantage of the targeted free night offer I received), a Radisson, Country inn & Suites, and Park Inn, so I could knock 4 birds out with 1 stone, but unfortunately there is only a Country Inn & Suites in Bloomington.

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We probably will just “check-in” and then leave but for $89 each for 2 seperate rooms, we should each get:

That $89 will get us each 51,500 Club Carlson points that we can use at any Club Carlson hotels in the world including the Radisson Blu.

I was at the Radisson Blu Chicago for an event this weekend and it was surprisingly really nice. It is essentially Radisson’s version of the W so I definitely would not mind staying at any Radisson Blu properties going forward.

Anyways, the best part about this promotion is that it is stackable, so you can do all 3 of the Big Night Giveaway offers and get close to 50,000 points for a stay at each of the 3 hotel brands.

Between 2 people for around $600, you can get around 300,000+ Club Carlson points which is good for almost 6 nights at any Radisson or Radisson Blu properties around the world including the $429 a night Radisson Carlson in New York (which I just randomly selected).

Talk about a steal!

For people that love the quantitative side of “mattress running”, I will share these fun little facts about our upcoming stay:

  • We should earn an astonishing 578 Club Carlson Points per $1 spent.
  • The cost per a mile (or cost per a point in this case) is $89 / 51,500 points = $0.00178 per a point

I’ll refrain from posting a hotel review from my stay at the luxurious Country Inn & Suites Bloomington, but since this is my first ever official “mattress run”, I am kind of excited about it!


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  1. i registered , do i have to book the hotel room now to get 50k offer or i can do later?
    You are now registered for the Radisson Big Night Giveaway. To receive your 50,000 bonus Gold Points®, be sure to complete a qualifying one night stay at any Radisson or Radisson Blu location around the world by July 15, 2012

  2. have a trip to buffalo ny next week at this address 50 Wyoming Ave, Buffalo, NY

    but sadly the only radisons or country inns are too far away near canada nIGARA FALLS.

  3. @Simon – According to Kayak, there is a Country Suites & Inn 6 miles from that address. Country Inn & Suites – West Seneca

    @Tim – You can book it as soon as you register for the promotion. Remember to do it at the hotel website so you get the bonus points. You just have to stay at the property before July 15.

  4. thanks but it says "soon to be joining club carlson" Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Buffalo South I-90, NY
    164b Slade Avenue, West Seneca, NY 14224 | 716-259-8520
    Soon to be joining Country Inn & Suites By Carlson .

    My wife is the one going and staying in buffalo for 3 nights. Can I book a room/each night separately using my and wife's club carlson account so we get total of 88k points vs booking all 3 nights with her account only and just get one 44k club carlson points?

  5. The promotion states that one must complete one Qualifying Stay at any Radisson® or Radisson Blu hotel worldwide ("Participating Hotels")
    But nowhere can I find a list of those "Participating Hotels"
    I am currently in Thailand.
    Would any Radisson in Bangkok be a "Participating Hotels" ?
    Furthermore is there any catch with "Qualifying stay "? (what does it means, besides completing the stay during the promotion period ?)

  6. @Oliver – "Participating Hotel" are any Radissons or Radisson Blus. As for "Qualifying Stay", that is any paid stay. So using points or cash and points would not qualify, but anything else is fine. -Parag

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