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The First Rule Of Chase thINK Tank…

As quickly as I was accepted into the Chase thINK Tank, I have been kicked out…

Apparently from the email below, the same people that brought you Fight Club also run Chase’s thINK Tank and were not to happy when I encouraged other REAL Chase INK Users to try and get accepted to the program (even though it ultimately didn’t work).

The first rule of Chase thINK Tank is you DO NOT TALK ABOUT CHASE THINK TANK.

The second rule of Chase thINK Tank is you DO NOT TALK ABOUT CHASE THINK TANK.


a email with a message

Although I was looking forward to some free Ultimate Rewards Points, I was more looking forward to giving my honest opinion on Chase’s Ink Cards and how they could make them better.

For example:

  • Add real Chip & Pin capabilities to INK Cards
  • Expand beyond Office Supply & Telecommunications for the 5X bonus
  • Add in some Small Business Partners like AMEX Open does 

Unfortunately I’m just an actual Chase INK user and Blogger who blogs about Credit Cards, and not a high paid “market research” consultant, so those ideas will probably never see the light of day…

Anyways, to anyone that was accepted to the program, enjoy the bonus points, and remember the rules of Chase thINK Tank…..YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT CHASE THINK TANK!


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