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Things To Do Before The Ball Drops On 2012

It is hard to believe that it is almost once again a New Year.

In anticipation of 2013, it is always good to get your Frequent Flyer house in order and tie up any loose ends, so below are some things to take advantage of before 11:59PM December 31, 2012.

1. Chase INK Cards Sign Up With Reduced Minimum Spend

Rumor has it come January 2013, Chase is going to bump up the Minimum Spend on the Chase INK Cards back up to $10,000 in 3 months, instead of the current $5,000 in 3 months.

Although there are no hard details yet, typically these “rumors” are spot on and follow the pattern that Chase has done in the past where they lower the Minimum Spend for a month or two, and then bump it back up.

I have talked about the INK Cards many times before, and if you have thought about getting one, now would be the time.

Link To Chase INK Bold

Link To Chase INK Plus

Although $5,000 sounds like a lot, with Amazon Payments and Vanilla Reload Cards, you can complete the Minimum Spend with minimal effort and easily earn 55,000 Ultimate Rewards.

My Friend was interested in the Card so he signed up 2 weeks ago, and using Amazon Payments and Vanilla Reload Cards, he was able to do the entire $5,000 Minimum Spend in 5 days!

This is an extremely easy way to get 55,000 Ultimate Rewards, which you can transfer to United, British Airways, Southwest, Hyatt, etc.

Do not be one of those people who waits to see what happens and then is disapointed when the Minimum Spend returns to $10,000!

2. AMEX $200 Airline Credit Reimbursement

If you have an AMEX Platinum Card and haven’t already taken advantage of your annual $200 Airline Credit Reimbursement, I suggest you do so.

The reason why it is important to do so in 2012 is because the $200 Credit resets every Calendar Year. That means you can get $200 this year (2012) and also in (2013).

I have written about the entire process here, as well as my success getting $200 in United Gift Cards.

This is an easy $200 in Airline Gift Cards, so make sure you take advantage of it for 2012!

3. Mail In Your Sky Guide Executive Club Receipts

If you have been on a mad year-end dash to buy 12 Airline Lounge Passes for Sky Guide, remember to submit your receipts before January 1, 2013, so they count towards 2012.

Unfortunately, the terms for Sky Guide Executive Club are changing come January 1, 2013, so make sure you get your receipts in so they count towards 2012 or you might not be able to get them reimbursed in 2013.


Hopefully everyone takes advantage of all the above offers. If I am forgetting anything, please remind me and I will update the post!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Years!


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