United 55,000 Mile Offer Back

United 55,000 Mile Offer

Yesterday, I was logged into my United Mileage Plus account and noticed that the United 55,000 targeted offer has once again returned!

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For those of you not familiar, every couple months United will run a targeted promotion of the MileagePlus Explorer Card. I believe the last time it was live was in December.

The normal offer is typically 30,000 miles, however if you are logged into your United.com account and have some miles in your account, you will see an offer for 50,000.

For both offers, if you add an “authorized” user (which is free) and use that other card once, you will get an additional 5,000 miles! You can add anybody for the “authorized user” since they don’t ask for a Social Security Number.

There is a $2,000 minimum spend required in 3 months, but that is fairly easy to do!

How To Sign Up For The Offer

1. Log Into Your United.com Account

Once you are logged in, if you have miles in your account, you should see a banner for the 50,000 Explorer Card. However some readers are reporting below that even with miles in their account, they still can’t see the higher offer.

If you can’t see the banner, after you are logged in, you can go to TheExplorerCard.com and you should hopefully see the higher offer.

If you don’t have any United miles in your account, you might not see the 50,000 offer, so I’d recommend transferring in at least 5,000 from Chase Ultimate Rewards.

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If You Already Signed Up For The Lower Offer

If in the last 90 days, you signed up for a United Mileage Plus Explorer Card and either got the lower 30,000 offer or didn’t get the additional 5,000 miles for adding an additional user, feel free to send a secure message to Chase and take a screenshot of this higher offer.

Quite a few readers have emailed me and said that this tactic has worked and they were bumped to the higher offer. Spending 5 minutes sending Chase a message for an additional 25,000 miles seems like a great deal in my book!


United miles are easily one of the best frequent flyer miles out there!

While United still engages in starnet blocking and it can be a pain to get Premium Awards on Asian Carriers, overall the program is pretty great and can be used to basically get you anywhere in the world fairly cheap (which is definitely not true of AA and Delta).

Not to mention that because United is a partner with Chase, you can easily earn 150,000 United miles in the span on a few months by getting the United MileagePlus Explorer, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and a Chase INK Card!

55,000 United miles is a fairly spectacular deal because after completing the $2,000 minimum spend requirement, you are at 57,000 miles, which is just 3,000 miles short of a free economy ticket to Europe (60,000 miles)!

I already got this card with the 55,000 bonus a while ago, so I won’t be getting it again, but I will probably have my parents sign up for it!


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  1. nice – 55k united miles for 2k spending is a steal!

    how long does one have to wait to sign up for a 2nd Explorer card, assuming the first is already closed? For example, Citi seems to require at least 18 – 24 months.

  2. Wow, awesome. I was just about to sign up for this card with the 30,000 bonus. Glad I read FFU! Got me an extra 25,000 miles!

  3. @Oldguy – Not sure Chase Cards are churnable. I had a friend to applied for BA card after 2 years of closing and was approved and got the miles, but not sure if that applies to every card.

    @Mike – Glad to help!

  4. @David – Do you have miles in your account? If yes, how many? Also did you try visiting TheExplorerCard website AFTER logging into United?

  5. Got about just under 400K in the account. I tried another browser with no history. Still same result. I click the link and it brings me to the 30K page.

  6. @David – That is annoying. Don't know what to tell you unfortunately. My best suggestion is that you should sign up for the lower one and I can send you a screen shot of the higher offer and you can submit it to Chase. I haven't heard of anyone getting denied when they do that.

    @Jay – I don't know how they are targeting it then. See my above response to David.

  7. I have a question….I have this card already, but I got it by signing up for the Continental One Pass card few years ago.
    Since I technically didn't get the United MileagePlus Explorer card, would I be able to get the sign up bonus?

  8. @Nat – Not sure. It seems to be targeted.

    @K.M – So i had the CO One Pass Card, and I believe that was a MasterCard, so when they switched over, I think they gave you a United MasterCard? Since this is a Visa, you should be able to get it again with the bonus. I was able to.

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