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100 Free SPG Points Via Facebook

I am guessing that in conjunction with Facebook going public Friday morning, Starwood has decided to give everyone 100 SPG points on Facebook so we don’t feel bad that we aren’t millionaires.

I am personally waiting for the MySpace IPO, but I certainly will take 100 free SPG points.

While technically you are suppose to “like” SPG first before you can get your points, the direct link to get the points is below:

Link To SPG 100 Free Points

Link To SPG Facebook Page (in case top link isn’t working)

Invalid request error occurred.

This promotion literally takes 2 seconds.

Within 1 minute, I entered in all the 8 accounts of my family and Emily’s family.

800 SPG points for 1 minute of work is a steal!

Anyways lets hope that this is the start of a very successful free SPG points season.

Let’s just say that last summer, in addition to earning some 40,000 free SPG points via these types of Facebook promotions, thanks to their free concert ticket giveaway my Macbook Air was paid in full. Thanks SPG!


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