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ThanksAgain Network & 2,500 Free Miles

Site Update: Due to an overwhelming amount of emails  about if I had any more Restaurant.com codes, I’ve created a special page for new codes. I’ll try to keep it as updated as possible!

While a lot of people have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next big Credit Card offer, since the New Year, I have been slowly but surely  accumulating “orphan” miles from all these little free mile promotions.

Although 500 miles here and 1,000 miles there are not enough to get you an Award Ticket, you would be surprised how quickly they add up. In the past 2 months, I have gotten around 15,000 free miles from these types of promotions!

This week I got an email from ThanksAgain Network offering 500 miles if I signed up for Text Messages.

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For those of you not familiar with the ThanksAgain Network, it is similar to the Airline Dining Programs I had written about earlier in the week. Once you provide ThanksAgain with your Credit Card number, you can can get rewarded with miles for doing everyday things like eating out, picking up your dry cleaning, or even golfing!

The thing that I do like about these types of programs is that once you sign up, you can Fuhgetaboutit (forget about it), yet still earn miles at participating businesses because it’s all connected to your Credit Card. That means there are no coupons or loyalty numbers to remember!

If you haven’t already signed up for ThanksAgain, I strongly suggest you do! The links below will take you to each of the respective ThanksAgain programs.

Programs That Participate In ThanksAgain:

Alaska Airlines

Continental OnePass

Delta SkyMiles

United MileagePlus

US Airways

While ThanksAgain Network isn’t especially lucrative (unless you have thousands of dollars worth of dry cleaning to do each month), the text promotion above will get you 500 free miles to the program of your choice.

As for the text alerts, I 100% understand they can be annoying! Therefore if you have a Google Email Account or as the kids on the street call it, “Gmail”, you can create a free “virtual number” that has the ability to send and receive free text messages straight to your email (or cell phone if you want). This is especially useful for these types of text promotions or if you want to keep your cell phone number private.

Also just like the Airline Dining Programs, if you have 5 different Credit Cards and 5 different Email Accounts, you could sign up each of your Credit Cards to earn miles in a specific program. Just make sure you clear your cookies every-time you sign up. Doing this will net you 2,500 miles. Not bad for 15 minutes of work!

Once you are signed up for ThanksAgain Network, use the link below to get the 500 miles. If you are signing up multiple accounts for this promotion, remember to clear your cookies every time!

Link For 500 Miles Offer



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  1. Worth pointing out that utilizing a coupon code (there is always one for at least 50% off) at restaurant.com really takes a giant chunk out of any large amounts of money you would want to spend at restaurant.com

    Ordinarily at restaurant.com you get $25 gift certificates for $10. Throw on an average coupon code from retailmenot for 70% off and you’re only spending $3 for the $25 gift certificate. With the Thanks Again points you typically get 3 points/dollar at restaurant.com (their main restaurant partner). So you’re getting a $25 gift certificate for $3 and netting only 9 points. Better than nothing, sure, but not a biggie.

    Retailmenot coupon code page for restaurant.com – http://bit.ly/ykaHAY

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