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500 Free US Airways Miles, 100 Free Aeroplane Miles, & 2 Free Upgrades On Air Canada + 15% Off Coupon

I’m in the process of working on some other posts for later in the week, so in case you haven’t seen the following offers for free miles below, I’d check them out!

500 Free US Airway Miles
Million Mile Secrets points out that you can get 500 free US Airway miles by installing a toolbar on your internet browser and making a search.

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100 Free Air Canada Aeroplane Miles
Just Another Points Traveler also points out that you can get 100 free Air Canada Aeroplane miles for checking the value of your home.

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2 Free Upgrades on Air Canada + 15% Off Coupon

I just saw this as I was typing this post out, so I haven’t had a change to sign up yet but The Points Guy says that if you register for Air Canada’s business program, which looks like is free, you can get the following:

  • 2 upgrade certificates
  • 15% off coupon for Air Canada flights
  • 1 free Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Access
  • 5 pre-paid vouchers for food on board Air Canada flights

Even if you don’t ever plan on flying Air Canada, I would sign up because a lot of flights that go to Europe on Star Alliance seem to be code-shared with Air Canada and route through Canada, so you never know when these upgrade certificates might come in handy!

If you are planning on taking advantage of this awesome promotion, DON’T WAIT until later in the evening! Do it now! These types of deals have a tendency of being pulled early after they get posted on travel blogs.

Update: I’ve signed up and got my confirmation email!


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