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1,000 Free Virgin American Points or 439 Free United or American Miles!

Update: If you haven’t already signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, I strongly encourage you to do so tonight because the offer is going to expire within the comings hours or days : ( If you are interested in getting 50,000 free miles, please see yesterday’s post!

1,000 Free Virgin Elevate Points

New Girl In The Air points out that if you register for Virgin America’s Facebook “yearbook”, you get 1,000 free Virgin Elevate points! I don’t understand the promotion, but I will take 1,000 free points any day.

Link To Promotion

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I have never flown Virgin, but have heard great thing and would love to fly them in the future (on miles of course)!

Not to mention their marketing is HILARIOUS! Read the headline of the newspaper below ; )

These are photos from the inaugural Chicago to San Francisco flight last year!

When was the last time you saw United or American show such enthusiasm for a new route or really any route for that matter?

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439 Free United or American Airlines Miles

Now as I always say, if the miles are free, you are dumb not to take them.

Case and point is that yes I may never fly on Virgin or collect enough miles on Virgin to get a free flight, HOWEVER as Just Another Points Traveler points out, you can use Points.com to convert these 1,000 free Virgin Elevate points into 439 free United or American Airline miles!

These types of free mile promotions -> Points.com conversions are great for keeping your United or American account active with activity so your miles don’t expire!

I did not previously have a Virgin Elevate account, so I quickly made one and entered this promotion, which all together took less than 2 minutes.

Then just so I won’t forget my username or password, I added my new Virgin account to AwardWallet!

30% Stackable Virgin America Coupon

As Dan’s Deals points out, you can actually stack the AMEX Virgin America 10% off statement credit promotion with a Virgin 20% off coupon for a total of 30% off your flight.

I’ll let him explain it, but it seems like a good deal especially since you can earn some Elevate points!

Link To Dan’s Deals





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  1. If it was Marriott, SPG, or Hyatt, it would be pretty amazing deal but even if you were to earn a free night with this promotion, you would have to redeem it at a Choice Hotel or their partners which isn’t really
    that good.

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