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300 Free Priority Club Points

Via Gary from ViewFromTheWing and Miles Momma, they share an offer for 300 free Priority Club points. While many people scoff at these little offers. I have never stayed at any Intercontinental Properties but have accumulated almost 10,000 points over the years doing these little promos.

What is cool about Priority Club is that they sometimes offer Price Breaker deals that are only 5,000 points. So when my girlfriend’s parents came to visit us in Chicago, I redeemed 5,000 points for them to stay at the Intercontinental O’Hare which is a really nice hotel. Since Priority Club typically does quite a few of these little promos over the year, it is always useful to earn these points especially since Miles Momma is so gracious and has provided you with the answers below.

Get 300 Priority Club Rewards for answering a simple quiz
LINK: http://usa-survey.priorityclub.com/mwpvwj


Question #1 – All of the above

Question #2 – All of the above

Question #3 – All of the above

Question #4 – Over 4,300

Question #5 – 50 nights or 60,000 points

Remember that every point counts, no matter how small!


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