Free TripIt Pro With Barclays Arrival Card

Free TripIt Pro With Barclays Arrival Card

I was just paying my Barclays Arrival Plus bill and noticed that they offer a free upgrade to TripIt Pro ($50 value) to cardholders.

A full list of TripIt Pro features can be found here but certainly the Hertz #1 Club Gold status stands out.

"TripIt Pro"

“TripIt Pro”

If you aren’t familiar with TripIt, basically once you sign up for their free service, you can forward all your travel confirmation emails (flights, hotels, cars, etc) to TripIt and they will automatically  compile them into one centralized itinerary. Typically email confirmations from United, Expedia, Hyatt, etc all get lost in my email inbox, so whenever something comes in, I always automatically forward it to TripIt so I don’t lose it.

While the centralized itinerary feature is great, the reason I really love TripIt is that it also tracks how many miles, countries, and cities I have been to. My below TripIt stats date back to 2010.

"My 2014 so far"

“My 2014 so far”

Just for this feature alone, I’d suggest signing up for TripIt.


While I am not sure if I’d ever pay for TripIt Pro out of pocket, since I use the free version of TripIt fairly often, I certainly will take advantage of this free upgrade offer and see how much extra value TripIt Pro offers.


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750 Free United Miles &

750 Free United Miles

I love getting “partner” offers from Airlines and Hotels in my inbox. Although it does take 2 minutes to sign up and you might get some annoying spam in the future, free points are free points.

Just the other day, we saw 2,000 free points from Priority Club, well now United has their own offering.

For signing up for MyPoints and being a member for 30 days, you get 750 United miles.

Link To Sign Up

If you aren’t familiar with MyPoints it is like a free online shopping portal / email promotion site. Basically you earn MyPoints for clicking on links, signing up for free services, buying things, etc. They do send you annoying emails but after 30 days, as it says in the fine print, you can close your account.

I had joined MyPoints years ago through a similar United promotion, got my miles, and then stopped using MyPoints.

Coincidentally, this afternoon when I was looking to renew my subscription to Time Out Chicago, I went to to check to see if any sites had bonuses for purchase and although I’m sure it is a glitch, it is showing that via MyPoints is earning 500 points per $1 spent or 365% cashback.

I’ve already done this United promotion, so I am not eligible and couldn’t log into MyPoints to confirm this offer of 500 points per $1 spent, but if anyone signs up, please let us know if this is actually the offer on MyPoints!