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750 Free United Miles & TripIt.com

750 Free United Miles

I love getting “partner” offers from Airlines and Hotels in my inbox. Although it does take 2 minutes to sign up and you might get some annoying spam in the future, free points are free points.

Just the other day, we saw 2,000 free points from Priority Club, well now United has their own offering.

For signing up for MyPoints and being a member for 30 days, you get 750 United miles.

Link To Sign Up

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If you aren’t familiar with MyPoints it is like a free online shopping portal / email promotion site. Basically you earn MyPoints for clicking on links, signing up for free services, buying things, etc. They do send you annoying emails but after 30 days, as it says in the fine print, you can close your account.

I had joined MyPoints years ago through a similar United promotion, got my miles, and then stopped using MyPoints.

Coincidentally, this afternoon when I was looking to renew my subscription to Time Out Chicago, I went to Evreward.com to check to see if any sites had bonuses for Magazines.com purchase and although I’m sure it is a glitch, it is showing that Magazines.com via MyPoints is earning 500 points per $1 spent or 365% cashback.

I’ve already done this United promotion, so I am not eligible and couldn’t log into MyPoints to confirm this offer of 500 points per $1 spent, but if anyone signs up, please let us know if this is actually the offer on MyPoints!

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If you are a frequent reader of FFU, you know that  I love online travel and financial tools!

Not only do they make my life substantially easier, but they can turn boring subjects like tracking all your different financial accounts or different frequent flyer accounts, into something not so dull.

The current shortlist of my favorite travel and financial tools include:

Credit Karma – Free Credit Score

Credit Sesame – Free Credit Score

Bill Guard – Free Fraud Detector

Award Wallet – Free Mileage Tracking Service

Mint – Free Money Management Tool

Evreward – Miles Search Engine

Another one I forgot to add to that list is TripIt.

Basically, TripIt is an online itinerary tool.

Say you book your flight on United, your hotel through Marriott, and a car through Hertz, all the itineraries would be on different sites.

With TripIt, you simply forward all your itineraries to them from your email and they automatically compile it into 1 easy to use format that you can share with other people, post on Facebook, etc.

They also have a iPhone app, so you can pull your itinerary up on your phone.

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While that feature is extremely useful, I personally find the coolest part of TripIt is that it tracks all the miles you have ever flown!

Maybe I am just a huge nerd, but I think it is cool to know exactly how many miles, cities, and countries you have ever been to.

Since 2008 when I started traveling on my own, I’ve flown 142,218 miles to 28 cities and 11 countries. I wish I could fly that much every year!

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Anyways I highly suggest you check out TripIt.

If you do sign up for TripIt feel free to add me, my username is FrequentFlyerU and my email is FrequentFlyerUniversity@gmail.com.

Also I’d love to hear what some people’s lifetime flight miles are!


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  1. Thanks got it! I checked the magazine.com offer. Its 500 points per purchase up to 24.95, 1000 per purchase after 25 bucks. Not per point – ah well!


    I tried to sign up for the netflix offer but says this, tried many times on firefox and chrome, IE but it says incorrect. I entered everything correctly and confirmed my pc number on my pc account and even called pc agent.The Priority Club number entered is invalid. Please verify that you have entered the correct Priority Club number. If you have forgotten your Priority Club number, please contact Priority Club® Rewards Service Center at 1-888-211-9874

    checked my pririoty club account and nothing wrong with the number, called agent and says my pc number is correct and no problem. wonder why?

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