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Milepoint Premium Membership + Hyatt Platinum Status

I got an interesting email from United last week that I thought FFU Readers might be interested in!

a website advertisement for mileage plus

Basically by becoming a Premium Member of Milepoint you get the following perks:

  • 2,000 United miles 
  • Hyatt Platinum Status through 2014 
  • 24 hour one time pass for Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Free 3-month trial of CLEAR
  • Free Upgrade to AwardWallet Plus account and free AwardWallet OneCard
  • Free Upgrade to UsingMiles Premier Membership
  • Free Upgrade to National Car Rental | Emerald Club Executive Status
  • Free 1-yr subscription to InsideFlyer.com
  • 40% discount on “Decoding Air Travel” books
  • 25% discount on “Frequent Flyer Master” e-book
  • 20% discount on “Decoding Air Travel” seminars/webinars
  • 20% discount on ExpertFlyer.com
  • 20% discount on BookYourAward.com
  • 20% discount at SCOTTEVEST
  • 10% discount on KVS Tool

Is It Worth It?

While $59 is not cheap, I’d personally recommend signing up for Milepoint Premium Membership.

For one, Milepoint Premium Membership is typically only offered for a limited time, so I am guessing they have a cap on how many people can buy into it.

Secondly, when you break down the value of all the individual products outlined above, it is clear that they are worth way more than $59.

Just the United Miles alone are worth $75.25 if you were to buy them at United.com!

Hyatt Platinum Status

What I really find interesting about the Milepoint Premium Membership is the free Hyatt Platinum Status.

What really jumps out at me is the fact that if you have Hyatt Platinum Status when you sign up for the Hyatt Visa, you get 2 additional Suite Upgrades on top of the 2 Free Night Certificates that you normally get by signing up for the Hyatt Visa! 

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Although the 2 Suite Upgrades do have to be used on Paid Stays (thus they can’t be used to upgrade your 2 Free Night Certificates to a suite), they are still tremendously valuable if you staying at a high end Hyatt Property. 

Also what is nice about the 2 Suite Upgrades is that they are valid on your entire stay (up to 7 nights), not just for 1 night.

So technically, you could use each Suite Upgrade to get bumped up to a Suite for a total of 14 nights (7 nights for each Suite Upgrade certificate)

For example if you are staying at the Hyatt Maui for 7 days.

For the first 2 nights, you could use your 2 Free Night Certificates that you received by signing up for the Hyatt Card.

For the next 5 nights, you would get stuck paying $289 a night for a room.

However with your 2 Suite Upgrades, you could use 1 of those certificates for 5 nights and get bumped up to the Ocean Suite which normally costs $689 a night.

Not bad for a $59 investment in a Milepoint Premium Membership!

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Basically, I suggest everyone sign up for Milepoint Premium Membership because the value of the perks are pretty outstanding for the cost and who knows when this Premium Membership will be offered again!

Link To Sign Up For Milepoint Premium Membership

Link To Hyatt Visa With 2 Free Night Certificates

However if you were planning on signing up for the Hyatt Card in the next year or two (since the Hyatt Platinum Status is valid until Feb 2014), then I’d HIGHLY suggest getting a Milepoint Premium Membership solely to get those 2 Free Suite Upgrades from the Hyatt Card!

I want to go skiing in either Whistler or Beaver Creek this Winter, so I am definitely going to sign up for Milepoint Premium Membership as well as the Hyatt Card, because the daily room rate during peak season at those Hyatt properties are over $700 a night. 

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